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Your own shop
Post here what you selling (not really sell) and the price. You can also put a picture for it. You can edit your post to add some stock.

My Shop:
Rotten Egg ($100.000)
:awesome: ($3.000)
Potatoe ($10.000)
Burger with 100.000.000 chili and 5 kg of pepper ($5.000)
sand sandwich ($100)
Hot Dog <a really hot dog, not cat.> ($500)
Meatball with a bomb in it ($100)
Chuck Norris[?] ($FREE$)

Stop stretching the thread. -sandbag
aka Verdusk

I don't have a sicknature

LF2 SurGen (survival stage generator!)
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Is there a point to the buying? If there isn't, you can kiss your thread goodbye.
Stories- Wrath of MH-Razen and Clash of the Empires
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deadline set to 2 days.
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inb4 close.

my shop would only sell duck items, like top hats and bow-ties, at an all time low 5 bread slices!
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OMG!! I must get some!! But we can't buy egg-killing items? I WANT A FRYING PAN!!
I shall sell fake made-in-China duplicates of the mighty Duckscalibur!!
Stories- Wrath of MH-Razen and Clash of the Empires
Warning! Super epicness! (Click to View)
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Selling backflips, potted plants, denim (sad'd or happy'd), backflips, planted pots, backflips and some really strange creatures.
Maeby there's also a collaboration with Somin, because he knows backflips well, meight be wrong tough.

I'll call my shop: Backflip'd'Lauli's Backflips and essential equipment
Thanks given by: Alectric
5 Deku Nuts: 15 Rupees
Deku Shield: 40 Rupees
10 Arrows: 20 Rupees
20 Deku Seeds: 20 Rupees

We sell shields but not swords!

(Free cookie for whomever gets the reference)
zelda obviously ~ Bamboori
EDIT: Sigh... You pass the test.
[Image: cookie.png]
As promised.
Henry David Thoreau Wrote:
Let your life be a counter-friction to stop the machine.
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Did I mention that I'll sell alot of backflips?
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If i buy a damaged one can i have a full re-fund?
A sequence of variables thatre engraved since the beginning of the cosmos is responsible for animating things in reality
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I shall set up another shop, selling ice hockey gear and all terrain vehicles.

I shall call it "Duck's Pucks and trucks"
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