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Backseat modding
It has been brought to my attention that the backseat moderating has become a common habit among LFE-members. For those who do not know what backseat modding is, it is when people that are not granted with moderator priviledges verbally warn others when they broke a forum rule.

Albeit it is a good thing that people want to keep the forum clean, it is nevertheless unbeneficial to the ones that have to actually clean up the mess. We have a good amount of people that do a good job in moderating, so there is no need to post the backseat modding messages. Instead it is for all of us much more efficient to use the report-button located in the bottom-right of each post. This will both speed up the process of moderating as well as keep our sanity which will likely be lost upon reading the generic "Stop doing that"-comments and friends.

That is why we have decided that it is about time to enforce the usage of reporting rather than backseat moderating. If your post solely contains the aforementioned, a warning will be very likely. Sorry for any inconvenience but this seems essential.
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Sorry, for being one of the few who did that...
[noob]i don't like getting warned...i learned my err...? lesson...thanks BP[/noob]
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