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The LF2 Stream
Some people know about this already, some don't. For the latter, here is the official announcement.

Over the past two days, Silva and I have been working on streaming LF2-matches. And I'm proud to hereby announce that it's finished. If you're using LFE v2 as a theme, you should see the link at the top, right next to the Calendar. Or, if you're too lazy to click on the link, click here to directly go to it:

Right now, Silva and I are commenting random lf2-matches. If you're interested to join in, get into the irc (it's on the same page) and boom. So yeah, hope you'll have some fun with it.

Enjoy :)

PS: you might have noticed the little circle next to the stream. If the stream is off air, it'll be red; in case it's live, the circle will be green. This happens with a 1-minute-delay as ustream is just allowing us a set amount of requests per day (and I'm pretty sure that we exceed that value by a factor of 3-10 :P). So yeah, if you see it being green: feel free to watch us!
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Why so less of you watching?

IT'S BLUE PHOENIX COMMENTATING!!! (together with Silva~)
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haha great.

that was the reason for an update
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I hate you all.
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(09-04-2010, 12:43 PM)Hacker Wrote:  I hate you all.

Repeatedly don't forget.
We also both claimed the title of 'n00b'.

Eddie's signature move!
Ah the lols and quotes..

One day, I shall become, TUTORIAL-MAN: Superhero of writing overly long, overly annoying tutorials which most people probably won't read, but will give it a stab at the first 5 lines!
so... dead already?

no ~ Marshall
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Farewell cause this Stream is as dead as possible.
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i kinda don't feel obligated to say anything because I was abscent for so long and my interest in the lf2 fighting scene is exactly zero. Though I have to start somewhere, so I will go ahead and post without taking care of any obligation.

I would like to correct the two of you, namely Hacker and Bamboori, the stream is not dead. Simple reason as to that, a stream is one entity thus it only has one beginning point and one end point. So basically you can't mean the stream and you can't mean the stream client as well. Actually you have to talk about the interest and effort people are putting into it. But then you can't talk about death or "dead". People just moved their interest to something else.

Compare it with something else for example. Like my abscence. I moved my interests to something else, something more important to me right now, my real life. You know that one which you can buy in the market right next to brain and feelings. So I did not visit LFE for some days, but did LFE die because of it? No ofc not.

Let's take one more example to make sure every doubt is gone. Again something about my abscence. There are no "Where the f*** are you" "come back, you idiot" pms in my pm-box. So basically people did not care about me/ had no interest in my being. But am I dead? Obviously not. Now some could jump from their chairs and say "But maybe you are undead!", well but thats beyond the point.

Well but I guess that's just nitpicking.

Marshall edited this post 10-24-2010 10:36 AM because:
I cared about your absence, but what a load of waffle in this post
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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The thread you are posting in is older than two months years. You might be warned for gravedigging.

With this epically dug grave I shall announce a fight of artificial intelligences on the lf2 stream this saturday 7 am [GMT].
(I may be mistaken about the time but this should be the general direction)

Fighting will be:
a Davis AI from Azriel
a Davis AI from me.

If you have written an AI for Davis too you might get a chance to try yourself against the winner afterwards.
(or with your bare hands if you dare, but we might not stream that)
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