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Little Fighter 2 Survival Stage World Records
In this Topic you will see the actual world records in Survival Stage.
Here everyone can add his recording and tell what kind of record it is.
For Example Survival Stage difficult,Random Chars,two players.
I will make a list here and delete everything which is worse then something new.
(I don't count records with Julian/Firzen/Rudolf as one of these)

Special Records:
A Stage count to LouisEX/Bat if already only one person is within one frame LouisEX or Bat.
Feel free to post your Recordings here.

Here is an example for a post:
-Number of Players:
-Names of the Players:
-Chars Used:(Same order as the Players)(If Rudolf transforms also tell if he transforms to LouisEX or Bat)
-Reached Stage:
-Recording Link:

I saw a picture of a game with 8 players difficult Stage 19.That's surely also a world record.

This Topic is also on LF2-global and LF2cn because with world record i say that there is o better recording.If anyone knows an important LF2 Forum with many Members then tell it to me to make sure to find really the best recordings from every LF2 Player.
Thanks given by: Kevin , zort , John Fighterli , Zelphir
hi dr , : )

Number of Players: 3
Names of the Players: Cay, Mlf2, Domi
Difficulty: Difficult (lol)

Char Used: (me Deep) / (Mlf2, Rudolf) / (Cay, Henry)
Reached Stage: 29
record? no!
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we've already got [this] for replays. if you just want highest survival records then it invalidates doj's post (which i don't see the point of him posting here in the first place - the categories of his replays are all taken by higher level replays already). otherwise =z

u bp and es got to 50 and conn lost, me, u and bp got to 49 and conn lost while all 3 of us were alive


Silverthorn edited this post 09-23-2010 11:35 AM because:
and for those, we actually made it to 50 with random on diff already but connection lost, remember? :s got a ss as proof tho.

or wait, was that with ES? or did we get this far too? lol I'm completely dumbstruck right now. ~Ramond

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This Topic is only for records.(So Dojs post should be in the other Topic)
I downloaded a recording where 3 persons difficult reached Stage 50 but i didn't edit this yesterday.I make this now.But i already watched it and i saw that there is everything correct.
(I already took some recordings out from the other topic as world records)
[Image: 78f0db68c4.jpg]
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there is one thing different man, record & records =P
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(09-22-2010, 12:37 PM)Doj Wrote:  record? no!

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There is a new record:
We fought our way through to stage 82 in Easy Mode with 4 players:
Survival Easy 82 4Players
[Image: 9nclhxgc.png]
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I REACHED 45 STAGE IN DIFFICULT!!!!with freeze!!!!!!

Attached Files
.lfr   Survival stage 45.lfr (Size: 37.54 KB / Downloads: 265)
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About you Record i know;-) But for all others please also write the Names and characters of the players.
(In this case i was part of the record so i know it)

@Nullbyte.I am happy you tried it and i watch it but i don't think that you amde a new record because Noir already was in Stage 45 difficult. For a new record you have to reach 46.Good Luck
(If you have less opponents in your Stage 45 (if the number is the same which opponents have less healt) than in Noirs recording i will take your recording as new record)
-EDIT: In Noirs Stage there were 9 enemys left and in yours 7 so you have the new Record.
[Image: 78f0db68c4.jpg]
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I got a new record :- )

Link: Crazy Dennis 20
[Image: 9nclhxgc.png]
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