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Contest #13 - Self VS Self Challenge
I know, I know... LFE contests are more addictive than heroin - you'd punch your mother in the face just for more

So here's your quick fix of Prozac to get you all going for a month.
Self vs Self Competition.

Basically, it's your left hand versus your right hand instead of fighting the dumb AI to create some tight / exciting matches. Yes, you can whack in some combos if you want, but we are looking at how thrilling the match is, not how lop-sided your win is.
Example by Syke.Pika (Click to View)
The Rules:

1) Mode: VS, 1vs1, no coms
2) F6-F9: not allowed
3) Weapon-usage: up to you
4) No specific theme
5) FPS-changer: allowed, but need to state whether it's been used or not
6) Submission: gif (in spoiler please) + lfr

Deadline: 30th November

Create most-entertaining-fight

This is another "no excuses, no bullsh*t, just be there" moment.
you don't want to see this (Click to View)
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the other by xFire
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Wait what is this?
Exe skinning competition? Left hand versus right hand?

Hey man, I usually understand vaguely what even the weirdest posts are about.
But this time... What?

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*vroom* fixed
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I don't think i can even do that... :noes:
my bro can but with the Num Keys but another set would be challenging...IMO
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Hence "challenge"!

It's new, it's novel and as long as you have LF2 you can enter. Combos, in-game-bug exploitation and what not can all get crammed into it. Get your creative juices flowing!
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the other by xFire
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sub-chars and boss chars are...? (allowed or not?)

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Just waiting for the audio tags to become a thing
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What... the... hell... You can easily cheat with another human player, unless you have a cam in my room (which you don't, I hope). This challenge is declared void. All in favor to see something cooler like "How long can you last against 7 Julians in the ring", say "I". I.
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well, as always its a matter of trust. in almost every contest on lfe you can cheat. but its simply unmoral.

oh, and can we add dialogs for extra epicness?
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Now, i can barely fight with ONE char... not to talk about TWO AT ONCE...

Btw, can we use modified versions / chars?
Guess that would prevent people from using the lfr XD
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Barely active, expect slow responses. If at all.

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Im a little excited :D

ill be practicing now, i just gotta make some control adjustments :P

Also, @ marshall, how was that gif made? Is it FRAPS or something?

@Cynics, stop being so cynical, you cynical cynics!

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quite likely, not entirely sure though
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Boring!!! Can't play with two chars at one time and using the hand one is not fond of or not practiced is not like a Contest but is like a Challenge or Practice which is not exciting at all!!. I am not IN.
!!!Have GUTS???
Then show them Off!!! :p
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