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Anyone have JulianEX/JustinEX/KnightEX?
The one in is too strong!!
Do anyone have other one??
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The very point of those characters is to be
(11-02-2010, 11:09 AM)nwfb1657 Wrote:  too strong!!

If they're not, there's something wrong.

Also, I sincerely doubt there's any other characters of those names.

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there are, plenty actually (i even made them myself :P). but as richard pointed out, they are way too powerful. and that's the main reason why you wont find any of them, cause in most cases the creators didnt even consider the fact that someone could download and play them.
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Reminds me of good old times, when every DCer had his very own SomeoneEX in his mod with injury over 9000 in each attack frame :D

And yeah, the point of an "EX" version of a character is to be stronger than the original, so it would be hard to find a balanced one.
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indeed... EX is so old school. Old school to the point that even I don't like it lol

saying that, I did think DeepEX (the first modded character I've ever encountered) was cool
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