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ZirzoR looking for people to play with.
Greetings, ZirzoR right here.

I have recently started playing Lf2 again, i used to play it alot as a kid and i just love the game and now with the new survival game mode and such things i'm really hyped up!

I was thinking of making a hamachi network using hamachi and skype as a communcation program so we can talk.

So if you are interested and into survival and stage mode and are from europe, cus i dont like the time diffrence and ping from other places :<

PM me here or add me on skype : zirzor

also write a little invitation message when adding on skype or i will probably just ignore it. ty!

so thing required are: Skype,hamachi,lf2,and a working microphone, and possibly the brains to speak english and the know how to play lf2.

Gl & HF and i hope to cu there.

P.S: if this is the wrong thread or topic i'm so sorry.

P.S.S: and for those that dont know what skype is, its a easy to use chat program and also a device to talk with your microphone high quality no hassle.

i usually dont like to chat while i'm playing so this is why this is a requirement for me.

even more P.S: I am also up for VS mode if people dislike stage or survival just to let you know.

So just add me on skype if you are interested just search for zirzor and i'm there. i'm swedish btw.
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