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i don't think this version can be comlete in 2,5 year
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In Process ( 09/03/2013 )
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sorry 4 my bad eng
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i think i am sorry to say that never think freeza and sieg will join (already obsessed with their char) and never worry that i am not going to join u XD sorry, am a bit busy and one more thing don't insult me by saying "i never asked u to join so, shut ur a** and go" thingies.
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ugh, this sounds really nice and all. especially love the awesome julian thingy :D

but this is a request/organisation of a project, which is not allowed here...

better make an own forum/small website (shouldnt be more than 10 minutes of work) and post a link for interested ones in your siggy.
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With respect to the above post... (OR) PM the people u want to be in the mod
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(11-25-2010, 05:30 PM)firzenx Wrote:  PM the people u want to be in the mod

Don't SPAM people with PMs if you do... one is enough ^^
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So tell me if I got that right, YOU are the one who just makes some standing sprites, and EVERYONE ELSE has to do the rest?
Also tell me if that is some sort of team spirit.
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nah its teen spirit, dr. laulson.

though i support the idea, I have to put an stop sign here as pointed out by my dear bambi. Don't take it personal or anything (yea I am saying this cause i think you might do that).
its the rules, rules which make our society work (almost) flawlessly. So even if you don't like them, and I don't like them (not saying that I am now.. but you get the point) we still can't break them.
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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dont call me bambi D:

also, i agree to bamboori.

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you already lost that battle dude ;D
also agreeing to yourself is kinda.. fake and gay erm.. not-so-true and bisexual...
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@betitngoan: you could perhaps try to join the forum mod team? Think about it :) More change of succes, and there already is a good team of spriters/data changers/hexers that have inspiration. I'm not asking you to join, but you could give it thought.
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Guess I'll be the person that actually replies to your message directly... truth be told, every one of us are busy. Be it apoc, sieg, yinyin, hellfighter and co, we all have our own grand projects that we hope to see the light of day, so committing to another project as big as yours is near impossible, especially when the creative input is mostly done by you.

Here's a suggestion. Finish at least one character first, before we judge whether it is worth investing more time in. We all know you are good at spriting, but there are other factors which contribute towards making a good character. Making a complete one and we will see what sort of level you are, then we talk about a whole mod.

the fact that you called bamboori bambi would suffice

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always there to fill up the points i forget to mention ehh? :p
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