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LFE Chronicles- Clash of the Empires
To anyone who saw my bio and thought that this wouldn't be started before summer- I LIED (insert evil laugh)
Well, I'll cut the rubbish and get to the point-story about war between Duckpire and Eggpire, and sequel to the wrath of MH. Recommended that you should read that before reading this.

Part one- (can't think of appropiate title) (Click to View)
Part three (Click to View)
Part four (Click to View)
Part five (Click to View)
Part seven (Click to View)
Part eight (Click to View)
Part nine (Click to View)
Part eleven (Click to View)
Part 12- the final (Click to View)
Stories- Wrath of MH-Razen and Clash of the Empires
Warning! Super epicness! (Click to View)
(01-02-2011, 11:24 AM)firzenx Wrote:  Wowzy, seems u are opposing alec? nahh.. see the forum statics :P he is 3rd most banner (dunno exactly),Somin was overthrown cause of bot problem? Nah, but i like what u wrote ;)

It's just a story,and to make it interesting he wrote that.

Nice story,and a good way to end part 1.

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Now that's interesting. Bscly me being as a mod caused a balance through all these empires~
But then Alec came. ;oooo

Hahaha, very neat! ;D Thumbs, I hope you continue :)
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THAT is how you write an epic story.

Job well done !

(although I am yet to understand why both of them fight)
(by da way, awesome ava Somin....)

@Phil: Maybe.... I dunno...

oh come on, you gotta know that! ~ Phil

What I meant was "I'm not sure whether I'll stay active or not...." or something leik that....

The Lost Global Mod edited this post 01-03-2011 12:50 PM because:
wait a sec, you active? oO
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secooond part oooooout
noticed it's not out quite as rapid as before; it's school so I dont have as much time
Stories- Wrath of MH-Razen and Clash of the Empires
Warning! Super epicness! (Click to View)
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just plain wow

I could feel the rage that bamboori experienced and the mocking Alectric

cant wait for chapter 3
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News of the day: I have joined the eggpire, look out ducks I am gonna roast you with my fearsome fire-egg sword!
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Ah, haven't enjoyed such a good read for quite a while! A neat plot building up and even covering one of my favorite themes! Regardless of how long you plan to do it, I know what will become a mandatory leisure-time-filler within the next couple months. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Oh, also, looks like you didn't have the author-award before. Guess what you just earned yourself? :p
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Thanks given by: Simoneon , oliveryungo , Dr. Time
This story made me smile so much!
This is a great read, and thanks for writing it!


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I declare this story WIN.
*Getting onto work on Frog-approved-stamp*
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Part 3 out, and with it, the battle has begun.
peoples!! declare your allegiance to the ducks or the eggs!! post here or just pm-if you want to, that is. I'll try my best to include you. and ofc, you could just stay neutral, although that lowers the chance of appearing (can't have too many neutrals getting in the way of the plot)

Basically, on the egg side-
Someone else

duck side-
nobody (yes, this is sad, lol)
actually I think I'll put that alectric-abused bot in the story too

Guys, its crucial to have some users in the story here, or I can't work on the next chapter!
Stories- Wrath of MH-Razen and Clash of the Empires
Warning! Super epicness! (Click to View)
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