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Retrieving My Old LF2 Stuff...
These are my first LF2 creations way back 2003. I know they're not that good but I wanted to improve them... Does anyone still have these files...

[Image: grimalienebombul9.gif]

Planet Grimalex:
[Image: pgjx9.png]
[Image: azazel.gif]
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on which forum did you post them?
i dont think i ever saw them here on lfe...
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Add do bambo's : If that is the case, then, u provide various usernames u used on various website. That would be useful.
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just googled and found this forum thread...

you need to be registered to download, and didn't feel like with this slow internet...
...and this (ur post is #39)
edit: this second thing doesn't probably help cause g4f doesn't exist anymore, or i can't find it
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