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[CHAR] Batman (The Batman)
CLICK here to download The Batman v0.99!

When it was under the Sprite Section (Click to View)

I plan on making him a character since Batman is awesome and I love "The Batman" (2005-2008) Cartoon.
He's gonna be mostly based around him and I'm going to give him many nifty gadgets and stuff yeye!

Utility Belt (potential moveset) (Click to View)
His suit is resistant to fire and breaks free from ice much quicker due to the utility belt feeling the drop in temperature heating Batman breaking him free much quicker.
Sprites: 90%
Data: 80%

[Image: batmanbreathing.gif]
[Image: batmanwalking.gif]
[Image: batmanrunning2.gif]
[Image: punchs.gif]
super punch
[Image: superpunch.gif]
super punch combo
[Image: superpunchcombo.gif]

batarangs (Click to View)
counter attack grab (Click to View)
bat bolas (Click to View)
grapple h00k (Click to View)

The Lost Global Mod edited this post 01-13-2011 11:06 AM because:
you have not been forgotten ~ Marshall
hell yea! I remember spending hours on your website, trying to figure out why the heck those dbz sprites looks so awesome :D
Thanks given by: betitngoan
woah nice :D
only thing i notice is that his legs are a bit thin, even if his pants are uber tight (lol). i mean, the are even thinner than his arms.

but awesome to see another mspaintist :D
Thanks given by: bashscrazy
Yeah his legs I guess are a bit thin since LF2 characters have different anatomy's and such...
I'm hoping to make him a character cause I love Batman recently after playing Arkham Asylum and such... :D

and thanks Marshall :)
Thanks given by:
holy smokes thats awesome
[Image: 3rdslim.jpg]
[Image: DAslim.jpg]
[Image: Rocky.jpg]
[Image: Clidebanner.jpg]

Thanks given by: Alectric , bashscrazy
(01-13-2011, 02:03 AM)Trickityhouses Wrote:  holy smokes thats awesome

Thanks :D

and wow Shock It's cool that I've been remembered and have fans :D
Thanks given by:
Wow man, i really like your sprites!
Reminds me of the old forum :P

I hope to see more from this project! Batman=awesome
Thanks given by: bashscrazy
It needs a fade
Thanks given by:
Woah! Isn't it made with paint? *hats off*
Thanks given by: bashscrazy
Thanks yall! :D
I have edited it in photoshop and added more details now. :D

[Image: thebatmancopy.png]
Thanks given by:
For some reason the legs still look thin. Also soften the shades on the black parts (head/mask, shoes, gloves), we can see the tones really sharply 0.o
Great job overall though! :D
[Image: abstractdaad.png]
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Thanks given by: Bamboori , bashscrazy

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