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Contest #14: Collaborative Spriting Challenge - VOTING
The goal of this contest was to create one sprite with a partner. In total, 7 teams participated, leaving you now the ultimate problem of deciding who created the, in your opinion, best entry. Feel free to discuss who is behind the images!

Team 1[Image: CKgPa.png]chase123 & bashscrazy
Team 2[Image: nb2fX.png]Chishio & Apocalipsis
Team 3[Image: TXj44.png]Phil & Ramond
Team 4[Image: r9GE0.png]Doj & prince_freeza
Team 5[Image: 9Z2eX.jpg]empirefantasy & YoShockray
Team 6[Image: hAJNF.png]Alectric & lf2TimmE1
Team 7[Image: 7PYcX.png]betitngoan & LutiChris

Please cast your vote before March, 17th!
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Team 1: Mmm... I'm guessing... HQ and DesignHeaven?
+Awesome design. Just as I expected from this type of contest. I kinda wanna steal it and make my own version (It kinda reminds me of Blue Phoenix :o)
-Greater flaw is probably his left arm, wich is considerably smaller than his right one, and it's in an akward position.
-The eyebrows are almost invisible giving the face a strange look.
-You could have done a better work with the contrast.
I don't dig different styles that much because it's like making a drawing instead of a sprite, but, in his own style, it's awesome.

Team 7: Betitngoan and... I don't know, though it was Snor but I changed my mind.
-I felt the design was simple for a collaborative work, honestly. Like a total ripoff of Storm :s
-The perspective. It is quite weird. If you look at the feet, they are ok, the character looks like it's in a horizontal surface, from a normal looking angle. The upper part on the other hand, is done in a complete different angle, and it makes everything twisted (if you don't get what I mean, trace a line from one said of the waist to the other side, or from one elbow to the other one, and you should get it). I might be wrong, but this is something Betitngoan usually does with his sprites, but I never had the motivation to explain it properly.
-Shading on the legs (the part where we can see the skin) needs another color to look as smooth as the rest, and the part of the outfit that start in the waist isn't as shiny as the chest, apparently being done from the same material.
+Rest of the execution of the sprite is quite well done, and the colors used were great. They do fit together.

So, I decided between this two (not really caring for the + and -, just wanted to say something useful before voting), went with 1. This time I choose originality over better execution, I guess.

(Also, I perceive ducks on team 6)
(And Doj with PF on 4)
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team 2 animate this please so i could die happy XD I MEAN SERIOULY i can tell tfrom heare who did this definitly XD yeah its about skill but deinitly one spriter heares use that conrast collours :D
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team 2 is blatantly apoc and BP
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the other by xFire
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Team 1- Very good, although there could be more detail on the face, i quite like the weapon, and the arm shading is a little bit odd imo
Team 2- Words cannot describe its awesomeness. Only thing to say is that the blue orb doesnt seem to go with the rest of the picture.
Team 3- The concept is quite nice, but the execution not so much. The shading could use a lot of work.
Team 4- It's pretty nice too, except i don't like the way the grayscale is used. Me picky. It's as if someone cut half of his body and placed it a little off from its original location. I like the clothes though :D
Team 5- looks something sprited in 10 minutes with paint, and that's not a good thing. Sorry if I'm being harsh. I can't even spot any shading on it, so it just looks....flat. Also, not a good color scheme. Brown with green- a big no no.
Team 6- Surprisingly I don't like this one. Sure, the shading and detail may be ungodly, but...I think the shading is a bit too much, you know? It's like overkill. The head also doesn't go with the armor, maybe if the armor showed some patches of skin it would look better. Still the head is pretty good too.
Team 7- Simple yet I likey. It doesn't have awesome detail or something, but the color scheme blends well and makes it nice and smooth. The legs probably need some improvement though, the shading is uneven.

Overall- I voted for team 2 (duh lol), team 1 and team 7.
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team 2
it's apoc and Chisio
the base is really really really Chisio-ish
and the sprite is really really really Apoc-ish
sorry 4 my bad eng
[Image: stand-10_zpse8943b33.gif][Image: walk-11_zps3a4de3e2.gif][Image: att-3_zps48065cd2.gif]

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nice sprites. vote for team 6.

team 2; that brushing is awesome but missing that lf2ish style
team 3; EPIC!

team 7; this entry reminds me on that girl in Fantastic 4.

team 1; good idea

team 4; 've got no time to finish it :)
@oliveryungo thank you. the one reason for the grayscale is, to show it isn't completed. [Image: unnamedn.png]
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Team 2 and 6 all the way!
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I voted for 2 teams!
One vote goes to piece of greatness and one to pice of sh*t
YoShockray you're awesome! :)
YoShockray be my grandpa! :D
YoShockray don't play LF2 anymore! :(
YoShockray if you even try to play LF2 i swear that I will...
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(03-07-2011, 01:14 PM)TheNave Wrote:  Team 2 and 6 all the way!

SO WE HAS MORE THEN ONE VOTE? oh i faild again .___.
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