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pressing dfg
hey i dunno why it happens on my laptop but when im playing lf2, sometimes i accidently press d+f+g together and it acts like f4.
correct me if this has already been discovered

another thing that bothers me is that it only happens to me WHEN im playing on my laptop
and always when im using my usual key configuration (some other configs dont have this problem):
up: y
down: h
left: g
right: j
attack: f
jump: d
defend: e

anyone has anything similar or is it just unique to me?

EDIT: oh and the same happens with d+h+j. theres another key combination i know that locks my function keys (f4~9 stuff) but i dont know what they are yet

EDIT2: i found the combination to lock the function keys. d+y+j
~its been a long time coming~
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