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Football formation
Here you can present your football formation with lf2 characters.
1.use every character you want but give his full name(Ex: rudolf at robotical).

2.don't use a character in 2 positions (ex: dennis right def and dennis left def) even they are modified means from different games(you can not use normal rudolf and rudolf of robotical in the same formation).Only criminals can be used more then one time in a formation(Ex: 2 marks are in the center of the defence).

you can give reasons why these char are in these positions.
You can make coments and suggestions about others formation.

I am starting with myself:
[Image: dsfs.png]

woody is GK because with d>j can stop the balls.
Julian and louis are strong and jump hight.
Monk can use air push to move the ball directly to henry.
Louis EX is the same with monk but is run fast and can help in actions.
Firzen has a hight speed,jump hight so he can do def and attack works.
Henry and john are fast so they are wide mid.
Dennis we all know for using his foots so he has a hight tecnique ,he cross and pass good,has a good dribbling and ball controll so he is an advanced mid.
Rudolf is so fast and has a fast rowing so he can broke the defend.
Bat is no so good but he can score with d>j after a cross.

Free kick:Dennis
Left corner:Dennis
Right corner:Dennis
Penalty kick:Dennis
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Didn't you post exactly this thread in Forum Games a while ago?
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(03-31-2011, 12:51 PM)Ramond Wrote:  Didn't you post exactly this thread in Forum Games a while ago?

Yes,but I delete that thread and now,I posted this.I made a "repost" because nobody replied.
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Perhaps nobody replied because they didn't find it as amusing as you do.
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