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LF2 Evolution
It's that time you've all been waiting for! This isn't another crappy thread posting a crappy mod, so read on. :D

After years of DCing and spriting, the LF2-Evolution product is ready to be released in its first full version. This is the summary:
LF2 Evolution adds on the official LF2 (2.0) version with
-many new characters
-unique weapons
-new backgrounds
-dynamique add-ons
-new survival mode with choice system
-weather system

-All LF2 2.0 Characters

-All LF2 2.0 weapons
-magic staff
-bob-omb (credits to creator)

Weather System- at random, it may start to:

Survival Mode:
Each 9 or 10 levels starts a new different world. You will be fighting at many new places from under the sewers to inside a fortress. +Bonus levels and stage choices.

Extra Tidbits:
-Dog (trainable by good or bad side)
-Prison (collect 5 keys and unlock what's inside)
-Random "I Join You"s after certain stages.

Mission Mode- (Each 10 levels, there is one mission in survival mode)
-In 100 seconds, you and your teammates must kill a designated target whom has been overpowered with HP. To keep track of time, an indestructible detonater has been set on the screen. Failure to complete this task results in a gruelsome and unavoidable explosion. Succeed and you live. James Bond soundtrack plays as you undertake this dangerous task.

Special Stages:
-Henry's Shootout
-Rudolf's Illusion
-The Ambush
-Armory and Rest Stops
-Tao-si Temple
-Freeze's Avalanche
-Firen's Volcano
-And many, many more!

With credits to:
-TinoX (Stinky sprites, and basic frames)
-Bob-omb creator
-Tao-si creator

And unless you live under a rock, you may realize that some aspects of the version are based on LFO. However, it is crucial to point out, in my defense, that all things are LF2-sprited and not taken directly from the game. Hence, it is fan-drawn, and not copyrighted.

If you're not satisfied just reading, screenshots will be posted on a regular basis.

Preview Videos:
Gameplay: http://www.metacafe.com/w/6614880
Mission Stage: http://www.metacafe.com/w/6653496

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Thanks given by: LutiChris , Nithin6777
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i suggest you upload a video to youtube as well for those fence-sitters wondering whether to waste 333mb of their bandwidth for a LF2 mod.
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the other by xFire
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This looks great !

I can wait to see these new stuffs.

Did you used a lot HEX editing ? (I guess yes)
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OMG im soooo siked out about this...
can u please upload the LFO character that u sprited??! (just the standing/breathing will do)
im soo eager to see...and yes i can't wait for the download^^
A sequence of variables thatre engraved since the beginning of the cosmos is responsible for animating things in reality
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Thanks. There is a preview clip just posted in the thread, it'll show you a few of the action from the first survival levels. The game is being compacted to a smaller mb size. Keep an eye on updates.
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Well, sprites are nice (but many are taken from LFO), and there are some crappy edits like that one guy in the video (blue ''hair''? and yellow pants) who uses firen's fire_run and julian's chase_balls without even recoloring not to mention new sprites.
But i liked that sewer where LouisEX got into new stage (nice idea and sewer BG was great (hope it's not stolen)).
Might be back, might be not :^) anyways awesome to see you guys again!
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ive seen a few of those lfo characters before
someone or some people from the official lf2 forums a long time ago were making an lfo mod and had actually a LOT of work on the sprites until i dont know what happened...i think maybe copyright by the current owners of lfo stopped them from doing any more...
still it sounds pretty awesome and looks pretty awesome...despite the fact it might be a large download...
i'll be keeping an eye on this thread
~its been a long time coming~
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yep, agree to dubbleD =)
this mod will need a lot of tweaking and fixing, but it looks like an amazingly good start.
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I believe the majority of the sprites are done by TinoX (contrary to just Stinky as indicated in the first post) 4 years ago

(Standing frame of Fox is by Ricky about 5 years ago and Tino made it into a full characater >.>)
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Thanks given by: Wiro

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