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Wolverine! [X-men]
Heya guys I wanted to express my feelings for the best super hero in history....
[Image: EenzZ.gif] Breathing
[Image: 2gpAZ.gif] Walking
[Image: qbJj5.gif] Punching 1
Punching Frames in progress...
Hope you like him...
Feel free to give critics in the animations.
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In the walking frames his shoes are flashing.
You should probably move his arms in teh walking as well.
Thanks given by: Sonic Boom , Divisor
OK fixing those things...
tell me if anything is there to add on the basic sprite?
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(07-31-2011, 05:12 PM)Sonic Boom Wrote:  OK fixing those things...
tell me if anything is there to add on the basic sprite?

idk - but it seems you are making the movie wolverine right? not the cartoons
where he looks like dis
he has a moustache in the movie as well doesn't he?

in other words - you have 2 options
mutton chops and that's it
or mutton chops with goatee and moustache

right now he has mutton chops and only goatee
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Really see this pic:
He only has mutton chops and goatee and only some moustache.
Better walking?
[Image: 9w9O9.gif]
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You encountered the exact same problem with your rep char...
The hands only move in 3 frames.. they have to move in all 4 frames.

EDIT@v: better ;)
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Ok fixing frame 2...
off topic: hey bash,
I think you should use sth similar shading like in the pants of wolverine...
and then show us the result.
[Image: 9tzrg.gif]
Thanks given by: LutiChris
When walking legs looking to short and something with strang hair top happenning
Troll mode activated TwistedDemonEvil
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The sprite is actually very good, but you're not so good at animating.

Look at the way the shoulders move while walking for example, you definitely need to fix that.
Thanks given by: bashscrazy , Sonic Boom , Taniaetc
Worked and improved it a bit...
[Image: 2gpAZ.gif]
hope you all like him!
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