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Character: Normal Goku :D
My first sprite without help from anyone ^^'
[Image: gokun.png]

If anyone want help me with make more sprites :D Only say :D I have file with layers xd

Sry for my bad english :D

I want make 4 specials + transformation :D
I working on walking ^^
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nice job for first time but first i wouldn't recommend doing a character before training and practicing at spriting so you can improve,
second i have to say that goku is chunky/fat and he doesn't look very samilier to goku.
make him thinner and make eyes bigger and head thinner
[Image: 2aGKf.png]

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Thanks given by: Trampek
Very nice as it is your first sprite.Just try to make goku a little thin because your Goku is particulary looking very fat.
Thanks given by: Trampek
Not to be a jerk...but how many more Goku characters do we need?

Now that that's over...I agree with coolansh. Not bad for your first try. I would recommend fixing the eyes and the hair. And yes...he is a bit on the heavyset side aka...fat. :P He looks like a school bully. But its a quick fix. Check out this websites spriting tutorials also for more reference material too.
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I agree with Zabobula.You should make a different char rather than Goku as Neocrypt is already making one.If you make a different char,it would make it something special if nobody else has made a char like that.
If you made Goku (Click to View)
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On the basis of sprite,he's fat.Nice try for your first sprite.And the eyes should be bigger.The hair is bugging me.
Well,nice try.
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