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LF2 backgrounds - real life places
i just noticed that lf2 has more real life related backgrounds than i thought until now

there are 4 obvious ones:
CHUK - Chinese University of Hong Kong: Library
HKC - Hong Kong Coliseum
Tai Hom Village - Plaza Hollywood
Great Wall - Great Wall of China
these either already look more realistic or are somewhat famous like the great wall

but these are not so obvious i think:
Lion Forest - Lion Rock Park
Stanley Prison - Stanley Prison
since they are located in hong kong as well they must be the real life counter part

do you think these last three have real life counterparts or inspirations as well?
Queen Island
Forbidden Tower
Brokeback Cliff

and a different thought:
can you find photos with angles that resemble the ones used in lf2?
This is the closest I could find as far as an angle for Tai Hom.
[Image: zoomoutHollywood.jpg]

HK Coliseum:
[Image: 300px-Hong_Kong_Coliseum_Interior_2008.jpg]

[Image: BTdH9.jpg]

Great Wall:
You're googling that one...

I'll look for some more
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that one´s pretty close for CUHK, a bit small though
[Image: cuhkIMG_3748x.jpg]
[Image: Link.jpg]
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active again.
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Queen island could be somewhere on Iceland, but the volcanoes are made more active in the bg...
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Brokeback Cliff might be a higher located area in the Lion Rock park.
Seeing how there are a lot of these big rocks, it could be inspired by that area.
[Image: 6928348.jpg]

EDIT: The Forbidden Tower probably is some place in the Forbidden City?
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well the volcano in queens island looks exactly like this
[Image: volcano_hawaii_kilauea_Puu_oo.jpg]
[Image: Blaze340.gif]
Thanks given by: YinYin , Monolith , STM1993
I don't think this will help him.
I think he needs it to make some lf2 background, am I right?
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great findings everyone
haven't found any plaza hollywood or library picture with such a good angle

these two are as close the the bg as i could find them
great wall (Click to View)
lauli: i thought maybe one could find the one rock that is visible on the very right of the lion forest background in the lion rock park
and doesn't the forbidden city have a different style/architecture than the forbidden tower?

quertz: do you know where that picture was taken? it really is the exact same volcano

(09-06-2011, 10:05 AM)A-MAN Wrote:  I don't think this will help him.
I think he needs it to make some lf2 background, am I right?
actually no
i was working on connecting the existing backgrounds and creating some kind of a map
and some research made me stumble upon the real locations

but these images do give me inspiration - might be possible to use some of them
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[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQxPgoMFd-6uZb_QL3zz6P...WEEzfNRuBp]
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTTCazp_k4DOeY6ULrWjwM...pvL3AlU2cI]
Lion Forest(Doesn't resemble much)

Maybe they took the name Queens island from Queensland?
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i think iceland is much closer to queen island than queensland (unless you are thinking about something else than the part of australia)
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