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Rudolf VS Julians (using transform)
I've found out that it's possible even 1 VS 7 Julian Crazy in HKC with Rudolf to transform (rarely even without getting damaged. most of the time after transforming, there's no way to dodge the seas of projectiles).

Trick is, get one of them to the corner (while you're blinking, they try to get away. Use this to corner one of them)

On the 17th blink (lol, calculated), start your jump attack - if done properly, your attack will immediately put him into DOP state, and thus you can grab and transform to him.

BUT to beat 7 Julians Crazy in HKC? Even after transforming I keep losing :0 . If someone can do that I really want to see the recording :D since it's an extreme way to demonstrate Rudolf's overpowered transformation XD (i think you can use the bug too to further show it, lol)
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I have tried 3 julians and I won, but 7? Nah, I can't.
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