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Hey ya'll, after a few days of non-stop-coding, I am happy to bring to you a new feature on LFE: The Usermap!

Now, to fill this with a bit more life, here are some infos: with this feature, you can find people living close to you if you both enter your geo-coordinates. These coordinates will never be revealed to anybody and the distance-measurement shows (although its accuracy is only ~1m off) values rounded to the nearest 50km to ensure that people cannot determine your exact position.

A little bit about how you can mess with it:
  • Inside your User CP, go to >Edit Profile< and scroll down to the bottom right.
  • In these textfields, you can then enter your geo-coordinates. If you have problems finding them, you can check the link at the bottom of the box.
  • The checkbox "I want other users to find me" does multiple things. If you select it, other users can see what's the distance between them and you and an image is displayed on the worldmap. Those features will be completely deactivated when you uncheck it.
  • When you browse other people's profiles, you will see that, in case they have entered their coordinates and "want to be found" (:p), an additional line appears inside the Additional Info box, displaying the current distance between you two.
  • Your Geocoordinates are also used to project them onto a world-map. Additionally, the 10 users that live closest to you will be displayed (again, only those that allow it). You can access it >here<

Alright, that pretty much sums it up. Have fun! :)
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I now really wanted to have kinda feature in LFE. I can trust you for ANY plugins on MyBB. :D.
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Thanks given by: Silverthorn
Awesome new feature, BP is second closest guy to me, good to know just in case he breaks LFE someday :p
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Thanks given by: Silverthorn
Cool,now i can see who closest me and he is a Simoneon≈100 km
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Haha, I love Testusers position, it's so intense! :D

Thank you BluePhoenix for this awesome new feature! You're the bird MAN! :)
Thanks given by: Electric2Shock

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