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Little Fighter 2 Fighting Theatre (Challenge Mode is fully completed now :D )
ahaa.. ab your fighting style
i like the way you do dash attack, coz that's my fav attack for all chars :)
Shin Hanazumi
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Thanks given by: Kevin
(01-03-2012, 01:20 PM)Kevin Wrote:  Do you think I should add background music for the menu screen? Problem is, I am not a good background music composer lol I have to either get help or steal some music =B
Your choice. I could do a piece if you need ;)

And just as an idea, maybe you should gray out the parts you haven't done yet.
Just waiting for the audio tags to become a thing
>My other musical "masterpieces"<
Thanks given by: Kevin
Oh, yeah, I think graying out the undone parts is quite necessary because it takes quite a lot of time to finish.
I decided not to use background music for now :P . But I will add some sound effects, sooner or later.

At last I have finished all fights for Challenge Mode! :D .
Updated the link on the first post, or here is the update.

I have added the navigation buttons and 'Instructions' to explain the thing, as Blue Phoenix suggested, and it really makes it better :D . Thanks, BP.
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