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Neat Lifebar Trick
Alright so its not really a sprite, not really datachanging or HEX so please move this since I couldn't figure out where to put it.

Most people who have messed around with gaining HP sometimes have come across this annoying bug where the red bar will go over the lifebar or disappear completely.

[Image: 41236765.png]

But by using a neat trick you can use this bug to give your game an entire new feature. I stuck a little heart at the end of the lifebar, which fills up when you collect food. The food are just "injury: -xx" which will knock your health bar up, any other moves that allow you to gain HP or whatever can use this feature.

[Image: 49245036.png]

[Image: 83325229.png]

And if you collect enough food you can gain a yellow heart.

[Image: 15889387.png]

Which is the same as this bug but cleaned up

[Image: 45727229.png]

Not much of a "tutorial" really I know but there isn't much to explain. Its mostly just a cheap trick to work around a bug. Here are the templates, feel free to use

[Image: 73588122.png]

[Image: 54078874.png]

Theoretically you can also use this for the MP bar too but I haven't come across that happening to me yet.

I'll make a tutorial later maybe but another trick to use this is to combine it with moves that will take up certain amounts of HP. You can work around it so that some moves will take up 600 HP, or in other words a full health bar with one heart, in order for the move to work. etc.
dude your work is always fun to see! :D thanx!
Thanks given by: Electric2Shock
killer lf2 uses this as well to lock the special moves (they require more than 500 hp)
neat exploit indeed
Thanks given by:
Pretty cool stuff!
Thanks given by: Electric2Shock

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