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F.LF v0.9 (open source LF2)
[Image: xyWjOFXTlezMzDldMqRIPshN7i9ez3VAXbdaW2t-t18=w800]

2015 July
F.LF v0.9.0
  • Cross platform HTML5
    • Windows (Chrome, Firefox, IE11)
    • Linux (Chrome, Firefox)
    • Mac (untested, but should work)
    • Android 4.0+, Chrome, Galaxy S3 or equivalent hardware
    • iOS 7+, Chrome, iPhone 5s or equivalent hardware
  • Supported characters Bandit, Deep, John, Dennis, Woody, Davis
  • Supports all 1.9 backgrounds (except Lee On Road), and wide screen mode
  • VS mode only
  • PvP networking via WebSocket and WebRTC
    • WebRTC is not available on IE and iOS
    • You can host your own WebSocket server
    • Can even connect between PC and mobile!
  • Scriptable and selectable AI
  • data files are converted from original dat to json in a similar format. so data changing concepts remain

[Image: s-mgvVhKBx_3LSiyo-O5NMc642XSPXu6WAvK-7awdp8=w150]
Project F has three ultimate goals:
1. Continuation of LF2
2. A codebase for more creativity
3. Promote the fighter game genre and open source movement

I hope that more people will join :)


Quote:(original post)
Hello all, I am attempting an open source implementation of LF2, on the web. If you never known the power of javascript+webbrowser, go to see the demo with a HTML5 web browser!!!
F.LF development demo I attempt to stay as close as compatible to the original LF2. It has a data file converter so that it accepts original LF2 data files. I also tried hard to make sure that it behaves exactly the same as the original LF2, frame by frame.

My ultimate goal is to build an open source engine for spriters, data changers and hobby game developers on the web. I already got a significant progress over two years of development. I need your support to push this project towards finish.

The only pity we have today is I have only finished part of the project. Hope you guys can help in any small ways (e.g. testing, documenting LF2 behavior, or simply "Like")
The difference between this project and other remaking attempts is 1) this is open source (though I still reserve some copyrights) 2) it does not attempt any "improvement" (this is up to you), just to stay as close as possible to the original LF2
to mimick lf2 behaviour perfectly you might want to have a look at the documentation of its inner workings
and make sure you use the same variables to calculate interactions

if you dont know it already

edit: a question about having this inside the browser:
i really like my search as soon as i type on a page feature - but this is interfering with your controls
so i have to turn this feature off to play your web game
is there any way on your side to set focus to the 'game field' when clicking on it and only then accepting inputs (+ overriding any other commands to the browser such as searching)?

if not another solution might be allowing to set your own keys and accepting controllers perhaps, if thats even possible through javascript

on another note the character often does not turn when i press the opposite direction - other than that everything thats already implemented works pretty well
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many thanks for your reply!
how do I read the sheet? I think they are (global?) variables with their address and usage. I'll still need more explanation though. And how do I make sure `use the same variables to calculate interactions`?
if your are using chrome, page scripts are designed not to interfere with the browser, a matter of sandbox design. in short, no overriding. (however extension scripts are more powerful and can do so)
you sure you did go to Demo2? it is much updated and allows you to set your own keys. There are 2 bandits so you can fight with one another!
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Now what you're doing, remaking LF2, isn't that notable; plenty others have announced this sort of project. But I greatly admire your goal of mimicking LF2's mechanics exactly (well, except for detrimental bugs), and I also admire the open sourceness. So for documentation of some mechanics, I would like to point you to the wiki I've been working on: I admit it doesn't have much yet. The goal there is to document everything, but realistically that's probably not going to happen.
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Hi zort, I think there should be many projects before a successful one! I dont think we really have one now!
if you see bugs in my demo, I would appreciate if you can describe it.
I love your site, especially the algorithm you describe in `Falling` section!
If you need client side javascripts, I think I can provide some. Like this frame by frame, I did not cut a single image into 100 pieces to do so, I display the relevant part of an image by scripting only.
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the site is in chinese

Need more ppl who can sprite backgrounds and weapons
Our TLOK Mod Site:
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(09-24-2012, 07:57 PM)tyt2y3 Wrote:  how do I read the sheet? I think they are (global?) variables with their address and usage. I'll still need more explanation though. And how do I make sure `use the same variables to calculate interactions`?
no there are also pointers on other tabs that have object specific variables
maybe is best fit to explain it

i didnt know i can already set the keys - i will try that
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(09-25-2012, 04:29 AM)Kashif Wrote:  the site is in chinese
sorry I am from Hong Kong (where LF2 origins). but if more non-chinese people care about this project, I'll use both languages in publishing (some are bilingual already).
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@Zort: what you are missing there is.. he is making it OpenSource and ON THE WEB. That's more than awesome and so much more useful.

@tyt2y3: I have had the same idea last month, but did lack the motivation and will to start it. Thank you very much for making it! You got my full support :)
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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To be honest, I really did understimated the power of Java script. I though it was just used for simple web calcualtors, converters maybe...etc. I've also played some of its games ( ntris ). But i 've never thought you'd be able to mimic all the lf2 using it! its really awesome! But sadly, Java script can't be compiled.
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