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Gad's legacy
I think my job is done here.
I haven't been doing anything related to LF2 for a looong time.
Here is file with my latest works.
Some of you already saw most of this, but now I officialy leave it to you, you can do whatever you want with my sprites :D
[Image: 2w20iza.png]
Was I was foolish all this time?
Am I only one who feels bad about this?
Instead of leaving just say that you are taking a little break time.
Well great job, somehow you motivated me now, do make these chars.
You are great:) cheers.
I was jelly all this time.
Good luck :)
Thanks given by: A-Man , YinYin
You were doing so many chars.
One word, EPIC!
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Is Marshall's face pic the one in the middle? :D

[Image: redefine1ok.png]
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Exactly. That's my tribute.
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Do you still have it? I can't rip it from here cuz it has watermark. And i want to ask you for it also :P
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Aw man, it's really hard to see someone go. Especially when it's someone that basically inspired you to even start spriting and also providing the community with multiple LOLs. Honestly, when I first saw this guy's sprites I was zomging for hours. He was a gigantic part in my discovery of GIMP, without even helping directly he thought me how to sprite, I think. What can I say, one of the fastest spriters in the community, very motivational, helpful and just hilarious. Hopefully I didn't make it sound like it's Gad's funeral or something.

I understand this means you stopped working with LF2, but I hope you still stay around or atleast visit the forums every once in a while so we can have ice creams. :awesome:
But good luck with whatever it is that you do and life in general!

P.S. You look like Leonardo di Caprio in your avatar :D
Thanks given by: Dr. Time
Hey Gad I was wondering if I had your permission to upload a playable Ezio using your sprites
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(07-25-2013, 09:07 AM)Gad Wrote:  I officialy leave it to you, you can do whatever you want with my sprites :D

i guess its totaly okay if u do that ;)
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great!!!! Thanks I havent been around in awhile. jus checking to to c if everything is a ok
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