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Little Easier LF-Editor
Little Easier LF-Editor
Little Easier LF-Editor is an easy editor for Little Fighter 2.
The editor was created from Luigi600 (me), a member of the LLProduction.
The editor is only available for Windows in two-languages (English, German) and has currently 5 functions.
Requirement for the editor: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

Little Easier LF-Editor helps beginners to modulate Little Fighter 2. For the future, it is planned to expand the functions and complete already existing functions.

Available functions:
Starting small and less fascinating:

Mirror Generator
This tool is able to mirror the images which is useful for the newest Windows version but also for older LF versions and for the own characters.
But there is also some technology behind it: For example, you can choose a complete sprite-folder and the tool will do the rest meaning that the program will check for existing mirror-files and if mirage is needed or not (message bubbles, advertisement (LF2 v2.0), Face-images and small-images are ignored).

Gridline Generator
This tool can be used to work on character-Sprites. The GridLine-Generator can read the complete dat-folder and use all important information for the Gridlines (length, width) (dat = informations' files from LF2). The tool draws the Gridlines with the wanted color on the Sprites.

This editor reads the sprite as well as the dat files. It cuts the chosen box from the sprite and can then be edited with an installed image editing application. Then, it can be saved again in the sprite.

The CutImage Editor contains a FrameMaker. Everyone who establish a character on its own knows how important it is to include xy, body, itr and other fields. The FrameMaker creates xy, body, itr, Catch-Point and Weapon-point on request. This lines can then be copied in the object-Frame.

Background Editor
Important: Up to now, not all settings can be seen on small screens in high resolution. Consequently, you should buy a big screen ;-)

This is one of my favorite and at the moment the best developed feature. The BackgroundEditor can read and show LF2 backgrounds which can be easily adapted and objects like images, colors or animations can be added.
The tool lists all objects of the background in one list meaning that all objects are visible at a glance.
The objects can be make visible or invisible by one click which enables you to get an overview. It is also possible to move several files at one time point which simplify quick editing.
The editor can be used for simple object editing like choosing other images or change the colors. Furthermore, editing of animations are possible. You can shorten or lengthen your animations and add images.

In process

Animations Studio
  • Reading dat-files
  • Reading images
  • Choosing attack
  • Note center X and Y

Background Editor
  • Faster from HEX to RECT


Orangedox (Dropbox API):

Please send all bugs in the thread with #bug!
Thanks given by: bashscrazy , Deep , Happy Clown , Ariyan , RusFeniks
The background editor is pretty neat.
It does lag a bit behind when scrolling left/right, not updating x positions quickly enough.
The object editor still says Farbe on color layers.
I'd much appreciate being able to resize or zoom the background preview,
to move around layers with arrow keys
and lock x or y axis when dragging layers with the mouse by holding a key.
Just so you don't have to resort to entering numbers manually for precise tweaks.
Thanks given by: prince_freeza
Thank you very much for your bug report and feedback.
I have get your suggestions and added more features and fixed bugs.
Now i hope that creating/editing backgrounds is even easier.

Update v1.1 - Background-Editor Update (CHANGELOG):

Background-Editor (new system)
  • Better preview
  • Break frame
    • Step frame (previous, next)
  • Zoom
    • SHIFT + mouse wheel as key combination
  • Easier to move layers
  • Hold X/Y axis
    • Hold X axis with CTRL+X
    • Hold Y axis with CTRL+Y (engl. also with Z)
  • Objects can be moved with arrows
  • Added "Exchange Tool"
  • Many of bugs fixed
    • Background import encoding is now improved
  • "Edit Objects" can now "edit with"
  • Added save question

Open with
  • Better reading from regedit (from image-edit applications)

Crop Image Editor
  • Removed "View Image" button

Added EXE-Editor
  • Can read the LF2 v2.0a EXE
  • Can change:
    • Almost all links
    • Color from start menu
    • Color from main menu
    • Cheat

New update launcher
  • Can multi download

In action:

Click on the Editor for the update.

Message: "Failed to connect to Internet"?
Open the editor as admin!
Thanks given by: Memento , bashscrazy
It looks fantastic, but I don't see a download link (except the old one in the first post). Am I overlooking it or did you forget to put it there?
Original character edits
LF2 Timelapse (open source mod)

Thanks given by:
The editor has a updater.
Install "Little Easier LF-Editor" with the first link and click of "Infos > Update". ;)

[Image: install.png]

Again: if coming "Failed to connect to Internet" then open the editor as admin.
Thanks given by: Memento , Bamboori , Arokh
I get this error when I try to update.

[Image: 6WJqaBu.png]

Clicking continue doesn't fix the problem unfortunately.

I had an error dialog open up when I tried installing it as well, similar to this one but clicking continue managed to fix it :P
Thanks given by:
Thank you very much for your bug report!
I have fixed the bug and i have updated the Installer.
Please install Little Easier LF-Editor again so the next update won't have problems.

Thanks given by: bashscrazy

I still got the error when I attempted to install it, but it installed anyways and now I have the EXE editor!

Also, I was wondering if you could add an undo feature if possible in the background editor? Sometimes I accidentally move a layer around and then I have to put it back :(
Thanks given by:
It Look's great I shall try it once lol
[Image: Zepo.png]
Thanks given by:
none of download links work :((

can anybody upload it for me please?
Thanks given by:

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