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Gad's character link
hey,can someone give me Gad's characters, the link of the website is in here: the download doesn't work to me.I wanna download them because they are so cool!!BTW:Gad,I'm sorry if I did somethimg wrong,well I dont know
LF2 Firen :D

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yes that would be good.
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I saw the last comment on gad project and seems it is a request for upload since the download like donesnt work anymore (by adsl12203 ) and no further response from gad. Try to send a private message to gad johnr8. seem the only solution for me. and I hope gad already have these files in his pc since I remember he posted a while ago that he don't have files of one of his mods.
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there you go:
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I already mentioned that i dont have the files anymore. Thanks to Janis there.
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