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October, 2015
Very early, STM1993 made contact with LFE and quickly gained prestige as a valuable member, ultimately earning him a moderator-position during the danethical-era. After a hiatus, he returned and immediately proved his worth as a community-member with his creations as well as critiques. His friendly and polite behavior is absolutely outstanding, well-deserving this month's feature. Congratulations!

Blue Phoenix: "STM is one of the kind of people who are not afraid to help others, no matter what. His critiques are incredibly helpful and make him a vital part of the community. Always ready to try out something new and willing to take the step beyond simple 'look and forget' towards 'dedicating his time to others'. His extensive moderating activity which goes mostly unnoticed is worth highlighting, too. It is about time to give him the attention that he deserves."
Doctor A: "It's bothering me why STM1993 hasn't made it to this list until now. STM1993 has contributed to LFE with his high quality works and continuous elaborate constructive criticism for everyone. Regardless of whether you are YinYin or an unknown newcomer to LFE, STM1993 has never been someone who would judge people's work by looks or impressions; he'd always test for himself before making any judgement. A very mature and respected member of LFE whom I am happy to admit that I look up to his politeness."

September, 2014
In its decade of existence, LFE has undergone countless changes in order to remain the number one website for anything Little Fighter-related. During the past few years, the task of keeping LFE up-to-date has been in the hands of Blue Phoenix. Not only has he kept the mainsite and forums running but he is also the driving force behind any new feature that has surfaced recently. His dedicated and passionate work ethic earns him this month's feature.

Ramond: "Blue Phoenix all the way! Forum update etc. and spreading awesome even during his vacation."
YinYin: "Round shaped boxes"
A-MAN: "Teh protector of LFE! ALL HAIL BP! ALL HAIL BP!"
Azriel: "Doom. Lynch pin. Also, makes the forums work."
Simoneon: "MVP of LFE. This website wouldn't be as fresh as it is now without this noble man. Things that he does are worth a reasonable amount of money - but Blue Phoenix does it for free, a true magnanimous of this community!"
mfc: "He is the background of LFE and its Forums. He eagerly works to fix all the bugs present. Now he updated the forums with all the effort. Why? Just for us, the LF community. I believe his unrequited works deserve yet another award! One cannot think of a LFE without him!"

We could not agree more. Congratulations, Blue Phoenix!

May, 2014
Some members would've deserved a feature a long time ago - A-MAN is one of them. Over the years, he has grown to become a vital part of LFE. With his skillset and knowledge, he frequently helps others out in the programming-sections. What really makes the icing on the cake is his latest release, though: the A-Engine. What really makes this special is that it is the first LF2-clone completely made from scratch. The great customizabilities are especially attractive for DCers. If you have not checked it out, be sure to do so!
Due to these as well as countless other reasons, we are happy to announce A-MAN as a well-deserved Member of the Month. Congratulations!

Dr. Time: "Helpful and resourceful. A-MAN deserves this title."
electric.shock: "He is the most talented and helpful member LFE has ever got!"
davis60: "He surely has talent in programming stuffs. His latest "Tools to solve LF2 related problems" are awesome especially the bmp cutter and frame finder.
This person helps everyone on the forum with his heart and his one piece mod "A-edition one piece" is amazing to play! He is a very helpful member. He has helped so many people and mostly newbie. He is an expert d’changer and has skills. He has helped me so many times I can’t even imagine. He really deserves this honor."

February, 2014
After all these years, hex editing still promises the greatest variety and innovation in LF2. This is no different with Suzuya. He has posted elaborate Assembler-snippets that greatly enlarge the functionality and capabilities of Little Fighter 2. He certainly deserves the feature as Member of the Month. Congratulations!

YinYin: "Suzuya shows enthusiasm for hex hacks I have never seen before."
Blue Phoenix: "It is great to see people still actively modding LF2. But it is even better when they produce entirely new things that enlarge the horizons of LF2."

December, 2013
Albeit he has been a member for only a short time, onikage has made himself a name among the LFE-community. His sprites are exceptional and his current project, Blaze, promises a high-quality character in the making. We are happy to bestow the well-deserved MotM-award onto onikage. Congratulations!

YinYin: "He and Nyamaiku have both joined the community last month starting right away as perfectly honourable members. A rare sight."
davis60: "All know why...... he's been a prominent guy in creating high quality sprites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Dr. Time: "Splendid artist. Sure to become a huge success in the fields of spriting and digital art."

August, 2013
Countless people struggle with the creation of full-blown spritesheets. The time and effort that is required for such is immense and often times becomes intimidating. With his latest Flash-template, he has discovered in incredibly fast way to create entirely new characters by just drawing a hand full elements. This increases the pace dramatically and has the potential to lead to a surge of new characters!
Furthermore, he presents this improved way of spriting with a full-blown LF2-modification. Clearly, if one deserves being Member of the Month, it's him. Congratulations!

Azriel: "Spriting is one of the most difficult tasks to do well. Being able to sprite a single sprite well is one thing, but spriting well consistently in each frame of a character is nigh impossible for those short of elite. Until now. Gad’s [character generator] shifts this daunting task from impossibility into the realm of the possible."
xmfcx: "As if his spriting speed and skills weren't enough, he brought a new lightning fast spriting method by using Flash. Now everybody can create full sprite-sheets in minutes thanks to him!"
Marko: "He is the most productive guy here. Doing totally epic stuffs. He deserves it!"
YinYin: "y’know ..."
The Lost Global Mod: "SUPER UBER FAST Flash Template editing ftw. ’nuff said!"
DesignHeaven: "Gad - Member of the year for 2013"

July, 2013
While LFE does offer tutorials and helpful pointers to Data Changing, it's sometimes not enough. Some struggle already at the beginning and need a helping hand guiding them through the matter. This hand belongs to empirefantasy. With his Data Changing Course, he teaches in small, easy lessons the aspects of Data Changing.
But let's not forget that he is exerting himself outside his class for helping others wherever he can. empirefantasy can be described as being eager and determined, traits that are always sought after. Therefore, it is without any hesitation that we bestow the Member of the Month-award for July, 2013 to you, empirefantasy. Congratulations!

Hero destroyer: "A friendly DCer + a very creative guy."
A-MAN: "empirefantasy; the member who has started the ultimate thread and dedicated his time to those whom are wishing to learn the art of data changing. Keep this up empirefantasy!"
Dr. Time: "Empirefantasy is awesome. He took the liberty of starting a sort of 'DC classes' to help many of us (myself included) reach a higher level of DC. Cheers Jon, you deserve this."

May, 2013
In the list of noteworthy spriters, EXG9 may not be missing. With his constant stream of new sprites, he proves again and again why he should be counted towards the top group of spriters. For sure, a guy like him, who also provides feedback to fellow spriters, deserves this award. Congratulations, EXG9!

davis60: "A great spriter and a really helpful member He deserves this title. He is a very helpful member and his sprites are awesome! Can’t describe it by words. EXG9 definitely deserves this honor."
Wiro: "Eager to improve his spriting skills."
Hero destroyer: "He is a superb spriter in LFE and is very polite, generous and sincere."
Bla bla bla 44: "He is a really helpful member and had helped me so much throughout my spriting. Always being direct and criticizing is what makes him an inspiration for people. Also, he is challenging spriters in his Just gif spriting contest to practice animation because it’s as important as the quality of the sprite is. That’s why i think EXG9 deserves this award. Continue being awesome man!"

April, 2013
Truly, his artistic talent is outstanding. His age is in no way disclosing his abilities. His sprites and animations are excellent but when it comes to character-drawings, he plays in his own league. Even better that he offers to interpret the sprites of others and creates drawings of them with his own personal note. He has built up an astounding portfolio that is making you wonder what is to come.

EXG9: "He came back, with his superb talent, now everyone can be happy and see how he is asking for some challenges and making them in almost no time. CHEERS!!!"
Me'n'Mine: "betit is a person who makes artwork which is loved by all. His style is unique and beautiful. Definitely he deserves the motm award!"

We couldn't agree more. Congratulations, betitngoan!

March, 2013
During the course of events, mundvoll_ has reached a level where his sprites turn out great, no matter what they depict. His creations show a great variety and bring a fresh wind into the sprites-threads. Furthermore, he is not afraid about voicing his own mind creating a healthy diversity of opinions. Congratulations to mundvoll_!

EXG9: "Very good person, good at spriting. When I saw his sprites I felt bit scaried, he is improving by days or even seconds! Now im brave enough to admit that you are a better spriter than me."
Sonic Boom: "He is like my big brother who just helps me out in my every problem related to Spriting and Playing Lol. He is one of the nicest persons here on LFE."
A-MAN: "Friendly, and awesome when it comes to spriting. He deserves IT!"

February, 2013
A single award cannot fully feature the things he has done for the LF2-community. Not only does he create amazing characters but he also surprises with innovative concepts. Furthermore, YinYin continuously provides aid and feedback to anybody in need. Once again, we are delighted to award YinYin as Member of the Month. Congratulations!

Blue Phoenix: "His tips on creating a fully new character are probably some of the most valuable advices in this matter. Clean and first-class; like the rest of his releases."
empirefantasy: "This month YinYin has been supporting everyone with their projects with his comments, critics and ideas. Except that he has been developing his own projects and LF2 discussions."

January, 2013
Zort has made a name for him for a multitude of things. The most prominent might be his exquisite fighting skills, striving for new records whereever possible. This goes hand-in-hand with his desire to analyze LF2's game-mechanics up to the smallest detail. He shares his knowledge no only around the forums but also on a custom wiki that he keeps up-to-date with the latest discoveries. For his efforts, he earns the title "Member of the Month". Congratulations!

LutiChris: "Zort is a very friendly member. He's also glad to answer community questions regarding the performance and game play as well as the functions and mechanics of lf2. Not only that but he’s also a great professional player to fight with. He kicks my butt all the time. :P"

December, 2012
There are people that are no necessarily involved in playing LF2, modifying it via DCing or spriting. One of them is WatermelonOwl. However, she produces some of the highest quality LF2-fanart seen around here. Every submission of her has the potential to exceed any expectations. Her dedication to LF2-fanart earns her this month's title as Member of the Month. Congratulations!

Dr. Time: "Her artworks are AMAZING! She draws with such skill,I was left speechless when I first viewed her Arts thread.Simply amazing!"

November, 2012
If one person deserves the title of being "LFE's sunshine", it'd be, without any doubt, Lauli. With a remarkable ease, he is able to de-escalate nearly any situation and bring lightness and joy into a conversation. Furthermore, he provides valuable critique and has great ideas in nearly any context. Also, let us not forget his amazing knowledge in Datachanging! He has brought innovative things into the DCer-world such as Rudolf Star or LF Mystics. We are happy to announce Lauli as the recipient of the Member of the Month award. Congratulations!

lf2saga: "He’s a Great Guy! He never thinks negative and is always FRESH!!"
nehalbordoloi: "He is very funny and also is a great helper."
Dr. Time: "He is one of those very few people who can make a person laugh in one of the most heated discussions. Lauli=Fun."
Me'n'Mine: "Good amount of knowledge, great sense of humor, creative, gets with right ideas in general discussion, and has an awesome hairstyle :D . Having these qualities, Lauli deserves to be the motm."

October, 2012
The Hari
Finding LF2-related projects being completed has become rare nowadays but The Hari makes an exception to that. With his retro-styled backgrounds, he creates a bridge between LF2 and its predecessor. Not to mention his exquisite sprites that display both skill and creativity. For these traits, we have chosen him as the Member of the Month. Congratulations!

Reaper: "One of the up and coming spriters, The Hari is pretty much the only one in this day and age who doesn’t only hone his character spriting skills, but makes the effort to create new backgrounds for LF2 - and rather good ones as well."

September, 2012
Perhaps the most striking element in the LF2-scene this month has been tyt2y3's announcement of programming a web-based version of LF2. This means that anybody could play it via their favorite browser, anywhere. The fact that the project is planned to behave exactly like LF2 opens up new possibilities for all kinds of related things. Not to forget that this is being programmed in Javascript, a language that many deem to be not powerful at all!
For this truly surprising project, we are happy to declare tyt2y3 as Member of the Month. Congratulations!

August, 2012
Due to his superb programming skills, he has become an even more valued member the past month than he has already been. Most people probably know him as the one behind Freshies, maintaining the site. Others have noticed his everchanging avatar, his dynamic signature, or other coding-surprises. However, the achievements that earned him this month's spotlight are clearly elsewhere. As of now, he takes care of the AI-scripting, providing useful features that can be used to give characters some intelligence. Additionally, his Data Changer does not require a restart of LF2 to view the changes made; those update immediately. It also supports AI-scripting, making it the only program that supports syntax-highlighting of AI-scripts as of now. These features make him raise above anyone else this month and we would like to congratulate him for his current achievements and hope that he will continue to surprise us in the future.

Blue Phoenix: "Probably the best programmer LFE has seen (and will see?). His DCer is extremely useful for adjusting parameters without the need to restart LF2. Additionally, he cares for the AI-development, thus bringing us forward in creating innovative and smart coms."
A-MAN: "An awesome guy who helped in the development of the AI ddraw injector. Also created an awesome datachanger with a one-click real time datachanging feature. He is friendly, polite and respectful. Deserves the title of MoTM! Keep it up man! You are gonna become a great programmer some day!"
Lord Silva: "He is maintaining the AI project, he also wrote a real time data changer. He clearly deserves it."

July, 2012
Some people stick out of the crowd by helping others, some by creating top-notch drawings and sprites. Some of them do both. JustMe's sprites are innovative, his artwork looks like it could have been done by a professional, and let us not forget the feedback he provides for others. We are happy to bestow the MotM-award on him. Congratulations!

EXG9: "He is very good person, helpful, always trying to do his best, great artist."
Hero destroyer: "A guy with good manners and awesome techniques when it comes to sketching and spriting."
betitngoan: "NEW but he's one of the best spriter in the forum. It’s true, it’s not hard to see"
A-MAN: "He is simply one of the best new spriters. He made the best simple spriting tuts ever. He truly deserves to be the member of this month."
qwertz143: "Though recently joined, he is by far one of the best spriters in this forum with beautiful sketches, and almost life-like shading, and also really helpful tutorials, explained so well, that even other newbies can understand..."
Blue Phoenix: "His sprites are superb and so is his advice in terms of spriting. Clearly, an exceptional member."

June, 2012
Even though he has been featured already, the previous award did not take his latest accomplishments into account. For years, character-creators were limited to the original AIs of LF2 in order to make their characters perform special attacks. But this has come to an end with Silva's latest release. Now, you are able to give your characters their very own mind where you can customize pretty much anything. Clearly, a release of this quality deserves this award a second time. Congratulations!

Alblaka: "Maybe he "just" used CHAIscript, maybe he "simply" created a ddraw.dll. But the results are the most impressive innovation since invention of the first DataChanger. I mean, CUSTOM AI?! Deserves MotM right now."
YinYin: "He’s got a MotM Award already? I don’t care, he just made AI fully customizable. And this has the potential to allow adding id specific maximum hp, different mp regeneration and more. Also this gives anyone the possibility to have a direct look at how the game works and how values change."
Ramond: "nuff said"

May, 2012
Many people complained about the lack of features of the original Data Changer but with wirwl’s project, the LF Studio, this has come to an end. This is one (if not the) best LF2-related programs ever designed. It is practically a must to feature wirwl as this month's member. Congratulations!

empirefantasy: "He is making DCers live easier with his LFStudio."
A-MAN: "LFStudio. The most amazing thing for rapid data changing. I think he really deserves to be the member for this month."
Azriel: "Wirwl’s LF Studio is the latest, and by far the best application for data changing. The effort he has put into the LF Studio is far greater than people realize."

April, 2012
Lately, he has been the most prominent figure in playing LF2. Kevin constantly pushes his own limits by beating challenges where most hobby-LF2-players would simply despair. However, not only does he set records on an almost daily basis lately but he also shares his knowledge with the others. Everywhere he goes, he brings a friendly attitude with him. For these reasons, we are proud to award Kevin with the Member of the Month-award.

Hero destroyer: "A helpful fighter who share advices and techniques of his fighting skills."
Whaat: "He really has made large amount of gifs and vids and tuts about LF2. If someone really has put his effort and time for doing things to help others, it's this guy."
The Lost Global Mod: "Thank god there is Kevin! Lf2 fights would be kinda boring without his neat challenges!"
Simoneon: "Flawless fighting skills. He doesn’t leave them to himself - he shows his skills widely: on youtube, via replays, or on his side-project LFT. In my eyes, a guy who’s still eager to learn, and is worth this prize!"

March, 2012
Some people express their creativity by spriting, some via Datachanging, and people like Reaper through stories. His written works are of remarkable quality with everything a story should contain: atmosphere, tension, an interesting plot, and believable characters.
Furthermore, he provides great feedback. Not only in the Stories-section but also in the spriting realm. We are happy to bestow the Member of the Month-award to him. Congratulations!

Eddie: "Helpful moderator, always polite and understanding, helps everyone he can. Produced a fun Reaper character and Pumpkin. Good with stories"
Taniaetc: "Helpful in... well, everything I could almost think of. Great job on motivating people."
Me'n'Mine: "By mentioning this guy's name, the first thing that comes to everyone's mind would be the stories section. Without hesitation, he helps everyone in their English skills. Reaper is one of the coolest dude in the forums. He is consistently improving his spriting and DCing techniques. I think he deserves to be Motm."

February, 2012
Hex-editing has always been a border area of LF2-related projects with just a handful of people capable of successfully customizing the exe to their wishes. Surik is one of them.
He has shown great commitment and provides aid and releases for those in need. It is a must to select Surik as this month's member. Congratulations!

Blue Phoenix: "He's not presumptuous but patient and polite. In case you haven't stumbled upon his posts, you miss out on something."
Lord Silva: "Even though Surik can't speak perfect English, he is the only active hex editor left on LFE. His willingness to help other users with their problems and his recent release of an updated FPS changer makes him worthy of receiving the award."

January, 2012
In need of a fast spriter or a guy that does not fear to give absolutely honest critique? Then you are looking for Gad. Since he joined, he has become known for the one that puts a special emphasis on LF2-styled sprites. His high dedication to this specific design pays off: he has an incredible pace at creating full spritesheets. Furthermore, let us not forget his tutorials that are simple, yet effective and the help he offers for others, whether it is just spriting-advice or even projects where they need a spriter. Gad is clearly an outstanding personality.

xmfcx: "He is the fastest HQ Spriter EVER."
Hukko: "Excellent spriter. Great tutorials!"
XLittlebob252: "Helpful member, polite, not afraid to say the right thing."
the guy: "This spriter is very smart, active, funny, and helpful and let me tell you, this member is a legend at spriting. He inspired me to start spriting."

December, 2011
Amongst the people with a friendly attitude, Simoneon certainly deserves a spot at the top. He is an extraordinary person that remains friendly and helpful in any possible situation. The perfect guy for moderation of the forums; a task that he diligently executes. Not to forget his great knowledge about Datachanging with his truly remarkable releases.

JoshEX: "You make some cool stuff man."
MH-Razen: "A great moderator and a helpful member of the community."
Monolith: "One of the best members around here, great at everything, helpful to me when I have problems with dc etc. As a global moderator, he is doing a great job. He is a great person, always helping, and funny. Thanks for the advices you gave me."

November, 2011
Curious, eager to learn, and willing to share his knowledge with the others. xmfcx has been a vital part of the DCing-community and, with his critical mind, has gained a solid spot in many discussions around. In general, many of his posts contain helpful advice for those struggling (especially at Datachanging). Thus, xmfcx becomes this month's pick. Congratulations!

Lord Silva: "xmfcx is a helper."
Blue Phoenix: "Lately, we have been lacking active DCers that are not afraid to try out new things. He is certainly filling this hole abundandly."
Siegvar: "A bit of an awkward conversationalist, but his earnest work in DCing examples makes him a breath of a fresh air in these last few stagnant years."

October, 2011
So far, he has been the user that received the most suggestions, which is why it was just a matter of time until he became Member of the Month. His most famous traits are definitely friendliness and spriting-talent. He is actively participating in the community and produces top-notch sprites from any theme. We are happy to bestow this month's award on you, LutiChris. Congratulations!

YoShockray: "He Is Person Who Motivates Me To Do Sprite Trainings!"
betitngoan: "His gifs are awesome, really smooth."
Hero Destroyer: "An excellent spriter who has very good sense of humor."
XLittlebob252: "Always helps and makes such amazing sprites and funny comics and art. And he is a very polite member."
nehalbordoloi: "He is funny and makes people smile in the worst situations. One of the best spriters in LFE."
DesignHeaven: "A great artist, with sprites and drawing. I love his style and for me, he is my master. He is a great person and huge friend."

September, 2011
Whether Datachanging or spriting; YinYin is the #1 source for creative releases. With his current project alf2: current state - insights he, once again, impresses with high quality works. Not to forget the countless other works from him that have given him an almost legendary status within the LF2-scene.
An exceptional member who never loses politeness, even in the most precarious cases. We are happy to select YinYin as this month's member. Congratulations!

Whaat: "He's super awesome, knows about DCing and Sprites, and he is always polite."
Lauli: "Pretty much all of his posts are very helpful."
nehalbordoloi: "An All-Rounder. Good at making sprites and also DC. Define YinYin in one word: Epic."
Lord Silva: "YinYin is the greatest DCer that has ever lived."

August, 2011
Think of a person that is well-known for creating high-quality sprites. One that will come to one´s mind is Siegvar. With the release of Frozen, he has proved that, with the right amount of determination paired with incredible skill, amazing characters can be created. A truly exceptional member; thoughtful posting, good datachanging-skills. Congratulations, Siegvar!

Marshall: "Most inspirational spriter of all time."
Blue Phoenix: "Definitely, one of world’s best LF2-spriters (if not THE best). It is always a pleasure to see your works!"
Chishio: "I love your artistic touch to your sprites. You are in my eyes, the best spriter there is. Hands down."
Eddie: "Decent spriter and without a head in the clouds. Good enough to find points to improve in both others work AND his own. Completely down to earth and all round good guy."

July, 2011
Within less than two years, prince_freeza has become one of the most advanced spriters around LFE. A spriter that does not rest but constantly strives for greater heights. His friendly and helpful attitude, paired with seemingly infinite artistic ambition make him this month’s selection. Congratulations!

LutiChris: "A great friend who continues a life persuing improvement & helping others to the best of his ability..."
Daymio: "You say he’s amazing, i say EPIC! Anyway look at his sprites, look at his art... which member can draw so awesomly??"
nehalbordoloi: "He makes awesome sprites and is very creative."
Sonic Boom: "He’s a helpful and one of the best spriters around here!"
Me’n’Mine: "He has become one of my closest friends in the past few years. He always strives to achieve the maximum in his sprites. This guy did a lots of miracles with his mouse in his spriting career. Getting a tablet has increased his appetite for drawing. Make sure u check this awesome artist’s works!"

June, 2011
From all members of LFE, Azriel is certainly one of the most helpful ones. The list of things that he is known for is long and could itself already fill pages. However, some aspects shall be especially highlighted.
The Data Work Station, a much more enhanced version of the regular Datachanger, is probably something every aspiring LF2-modder has heard of. A tool that is surpassing the original one in any aspect. Not to mention that he himself is an expert at Datachanging who has often surprised us with innovative ideas in the past.
Also, he is clearly one of the best fighters in LF2. In online-battles, he generally leaves the stage as a winner.
Even though he belongs to the elite of LFE, he remains down-to-earth. He always responds helpful and in the most mature manner, and, being a Moderator, doing an excellent job at keeping the forums clean.
But, most important of it all, in his free time, he is working on an entire remake of LF2 called "Hero Quest" opening entirely new possibilities to the game. Although progress is slow, he does not cease in pushing it further and further.

Alblaka: "Whereas others lol, flame or rage, Azriel is doing his job and plainly disposals unnecessary clutter, without losing his seriousness or politeness."
Eddie: "Useful and amazing."
Lord Silva: "Awesome DCer, Spriter, Programmer , Friend , Person."
KadajNoir: "No one plays more fair than Azriel. Very tough guy and very skilled. Also a brilliant Data Changer. But he has one weakness: Chocolate Spreads"

May, 2011
He might not be the best Datachanger, nor the best spriter. Yet, he possesses something which has reserved him a spot among the other Members of the Month: organizational talent, persistency, and friendliness. From the beginning on, he has been keeping an eye on the forums, ultimately earning himself a spot as a Global Moderator back in Danethical´s age.
Nowadays, he has mostly gathered attention for running the forum games "Mafia" and the "LFE-RPG" that many take for granted. His story-writing-abilities are definitely noteworthy as well. Regardless of the time you talk to him, he will always be friendly, having an open ear for your problems.
Ramond is one of the few that are caring for the community rather than LF2; thus being a real enrichment to LFE and making him this month´s selection.

Hypermodder: "Has some weird but cool ideas!"
Phil: "has an awesome humor ... and can be completly ramond erm.. random"

April, 2011
During the past few years, Alectric has gradually become one of the best spriters LFE has to offer. His unique character designs and a very distinctive style make one easily recognize his work. But not only his skill is remarkable; his interaction with the community is, too. He can literally be found in any sprites-thread, sharing his knowledge and guiding others on their way as artists. Being the founder of the unofficial sprite-contests has boosted the interest in this area additionally.
In general, he is an interesting figure, managing to always put a smile on anybody’s face. This has also reserved him a solid spot as a contributor for Freshies, a comic website founded by LFE members featuring relatively unusual humor.
Furthermore, let us not forget about the solid work he has done as a Global Moderator: keeping threads clean and banning any unwanted company. One could probably go on and on about him, so this shall be summed up in a "well-deserved member of the month".

Eddie: "Possibly the most helpful hand in my spriting. Showed and told me how to redo a lot of things on my spriting. Thanks for everything Alectric"
Chishio: "I love your spriting style. Not to mention you are hilarious, fair, understanding, and when necessary, ’slaps down the ’lectric fist."

March, 2011
Since registering in the danethical forums, Apocalipsis has already been considered as among the upper echelon of spriters. However, he has never been satisfied and kept improving his skills, both in terms of quality and speed. The remarkable character designs, coupled with his willingness to take criticism on board and help aspiring spriters has earned him great respect and popularity within the community. Winning a sprite contest in collaboration with Chishio this month and coming up with some life-like renditions of forum members earns the honour of being member of the month. Definitely an inspiring figure.

Azriel - "Always coming up with awesome sprites... though many spriters look up to him, he doesn’t look down on them"
betitngoan - "he makes me HIGH"

February, 2011
Like any empire, LFE has had its many eras and they are usually tied to those who are in charge. With MH and the rest largely retreated into the shadows, he has shouldered the burden almost entirely on his own, keeping the site running like clockwork and fulfilling myriad of demands from other staff and users alike. Such dedication and work ethic is nothing but admirable. Yes, he does not get paid for all this.

Alblaka: "Being an admin of LFE alone would just be enough for anyone to get nominated as MOTM, because these guys actually do everything to keep this community running and make everything possible. However, BP goes even one step further and is THE main source for updating / extending / repairing the website, the forum and pretty much anything else, as well. AND, to add even more: Don´t forget the various background, fanarts and sprites done by this great artist!"
chase123: "A really good Administrator,knows what and when to do,he is a really good Spriter and Data Changer."
Azriel: "Awesome graphics. Plus great sense of humour"
firzenx: "A great artist. Blue Phoenix is a real inspiration for all the members of LFE. A good programmer too. Only few can become an artist and a programmer, and i am proud to say that he is one of those few. Blue Phoenix is one of the greatest artist i have ever seen. Moreover he is a pretty good DCer and does a lot of help for the community. His answers regarding any questions are effective and easily understandable."

January, 2011
What would LF2 be without him? This man constantly pushes the limits of hex-editing, creating and releasing things that many people have only dreamt of. Initially, his contributions were just small overrides of pre-existing functions; but these have grown into much more elaborated projects, for example custom effects, AI copying, the DLL Framework, or now, freshly out, the Real Time Datachanger. Not to forget that he provides help, tutorials, and tons of advices to those that are seriously interested in hex-editing.

STM1993: "The one who revolutionized HEX Editting, creating more possibilities for mod."
YinYin: "new effects, states, stages, modified AI, colors, modes, weapons, regain, ... just can’t count"
Azriel: "thanks for the asm help"

December, 2010
Coming from out of nowhere and being a well-accepted member of the LF2-community within just a few months: that’s Trickityhouses. Awesome character designs and a very mature behavior are probable the major factors he is known for. But he has way more than that which makes him rise above the others this month.

Marshall: "Great sketches and lightning quick progress with his newest project Clide. Takes criticisms with stride and has inspired others like DesignHeaven, freeza and firzenX to make / progress with their characters"
Reaper: "Doing great with his characters + art and is an inspiration for others. His Secret Santa Facepics this month entailed some more activity as well."

November, 2010
One major trait of Alblaka is the fact that he helps out anywhere he can. Usually he is one of the first to reply to a Datachanging-question or a mod-rating in a very detailed manner, regardless of the complexity. Newcomers at Datachanging can learn from him as well as some of the older guys.
From the first day on, he proved to be a diligent learner, rising to new heights with each character he has released — and these are quite a few.

Yakui: "funky characters you’ve made, cool stuff"
Blue Phoenix: "A DCer who is willing to learn and shares his knowledge with others. Thumbs up!"
forgetlatios: "really helpful, couldn’t have progressed so far w/o him"

October, 2010
Marshall has been a supporter of the Little Fighter community ever since its inception. The efforts that he puts into it are purely extraordinary!
He is bringing a whole lot maturity into these forums and with his intelligent approach as well as his friendly attitude, he has earned a high community acclaim.

Jed37: "Brilliant BG’s! You make things that are impossibly good!"
Apocalipsis: "Awesome friend and BG maker, always being friendly and helping people"

September, 2010
Throughout the years, MH has been a valuable part of the LF2-community. He has founded LFE and thus created a solid fan base of LF2. But, even more importantly, thanks to him, we have now access to Datachanging-tutorials, downloadable characters, and much more. Thanks to him, we have the chance to actually browse LFE.

Sinow: "MH´s contributions to the LF2 community are unmatched! He is a dedicated worker and a great friend."
STM1993: "an active and dedicated webmaster, who has helped keep the forums alive and improve it overtime."

If somebody deserves this award, it would certainly be him!