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[solved] Opoint lower on Z-Axis problem
(03-18-2014, 06:20 AM)Azriel Wrote:  Reorder frame 237 to be before 238, lf2 is sometimes weird when frames are out of order.
Huh, didn't think order was a problem, I've been avoiding order many times and so far didn't experience any problems unless I had 2 frames with the same number.

(03-18-2014, 06:20 AM)Azriel Wrote:  Frame 238's ik8 will not fix your z axis problem, ik8 sticks you to the interacted t0's z value +1.
Assuming frame 238 is invisible, use a hit_j: 48 (maybe 47) next: 239. This should eliminate the need for ik8.
I haven't checked why so many opoints are needed, just checked the z-axis related code.
edit: re-read your comment about it being jitterish with hit_j. missed that part earlier ._.
If your final object uses ik8 on the main character, it will be corrected to main character's z+1.

[Image: 2CjGjlK.png]
Alright, I guess I'll have to make do with the original hit_j method, and somehow fix the jitter. No, I can't just make final object ik8 the main character because he'd be moving on x and z axis, so it'd be potentially very buggy, not to mention it won't achieve the deception I'm looking for. <snip>


As a thank you, I've attached the relevant modified data files here for your playing pleasure! You won't be able to tell I've modified the mirror images save for being a little bit stiff on the x/z movement because of dvx/z 550!

* Julian opoints ball twice; one is a dummy mirror image, one is invisible that moves up on z-axis.
* Invisible ball spawns invisible Julian.
* Invisible Julian spawns the actual clone Julian. Dummy disappears.
* To ensure they are all always aligned regardless of movement, I gave Julian dvx/z 550 on his opointing frames.
* Extra: I think its stupid that AI continues being distracted when the mirror image is in its final fading frames, so I made it opoint a ball, complete without a shadow - both to hide the slight z-axis difference and to make it seem like the image has lost its form and thus doesn't have a shadow.

Why so many opoints:
* Julian opoints himself. Clone has 10hp. However, if Julian transforms to Rudolf, so will the clone - thus you have made clones for only 25 mana. Transform again, and clone becomes a real 10hp Julian. This is an exploit in original LF2 that I want to fix.
* By opointing a ball to create the clone instead of opointing a clone directly, I sever the link between the real Julian and the clone, preventing the exploit.
* I made the clone opoint itself again to fix a potential 500hp clone problem. It might have been unnecessary, but hey it worked and it allows for easier conversion on mods!

I'm working on a mod with all characters having a criminal along with slight tweaks to a few characters, the only thing I'm left with is making criminal tied up sprites now. Here's a preview:
[Image: WuSgcj6.png]

Attached Files
.dat   julian_ball2.dat (Size: 13 KB / Downloads: 133)
.dat   julian.dat (Size: 75.38 KB / Downloads: 129)
[Image: uMSShyX.png]
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