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Name: Anti
Can use five julian ball2.
Use less mp.
Quick and easy to play.

[Image: img.php?p=vPlvTEZvOv]

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nice for a beginner!!! keep it up!
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(11-19-2011, 08:10 AM)rayman007 Wrote:  Name: Anti
Can use five julian ball2.
Use less mp.
Quick and easy to play.

and overpowered :'D

2nd fail.. Just a lame julian recolor, try taking ur chance with making ur own stuff FOR ONCE .. Look at kashif for ex.

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Dude! I thought that was JulianEX from
I hate to complain, but don't use others projects. If it's really yours, that's ok.
by the way, he's too over-powered. Not even CE_characters can beat him.
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This thread owner is my old account and now 10 years pass, puff. got some surprises what i posted just bruh.
Prince Freeza are who motivated me of his work about LF2 and DBZ and i have 2 times warned by him XD on this thread
i love how i grow up and got some recommend to prove the work with him again (he told me to make my own sprite not just recolor one) i just love his work and style :)
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