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Special bdys only being hit once
(12-11-2015, 03:21 AM)GentleSlayer Wrote:  ...
So far all attacks hit the characters as they should(all charas have at least the 3 mentioned bdys).
The only problem I get is that they are only getting hit once by an attack that should hit several times.

When the attack happens on y: 0 or around that, it works just fine, but when I move it to -2000 (magical bubble for example), it just hits once.
Also the little "hit" effect doesn't appear or appears way lower than it should be(I suspect this is because it appears on the layer it's on).
First thing, check coordinates. If you have an itr at x: 50 y: 75 and a bdy at x: 50 y: 40 and you want to raise this layer to y: -2000, you need to MINUS 2000 from that number, so it should be x: 50 y: -1925 and x: 50 y: -1960 respectively, not y: -2075 or y: -2040. Personally I'd recommend using a positive y value so that it'd be unreachable below the ground instead of high up in the air.

Second thing, check your "vrest" or "arest" values. This value states the amount of time before this object's itr can hit again - v for victim(allowing you to hit multiple opponents), a for attacker(to hit only one person).

Third thing, if you have two itrs overlapping, the one on top is the first one to be read and therefore has priority over the other itrs/bdys.

Last but not least, as you have guessed, the hit effect's position may be wrong precisely because they are dependent on the coordinates of the itr or bdy. I'm not sure which one exactly determines the hit effect's location (whether its the bdy or the itr that determines), but one thing you can do to re-add a hit-effect is to opoint an ik8 object that interacts with an injured frame's bdy. Not a perfect solution since ik8 will hit teammates as well, but it works.
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