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Character: Nino (Levi version)
Link fixed. By the way Levi is my real name (albeit not in ID card, because I'm a HK citizen and my ID doesn't have this name)
Thanks given by: Dinothundah
Update in 5 Jul 2020:

D^A+J chain interval is decreased from 6tu to 4tu (it should be harder)
Dash attack damage increased from 60 to 70
Sky slide kick damage increased from 50-30 to 60-40,
chained attack damage incrased from 40 to 70
Input method of Big blast is changed: Now it doesn't require using Energy blast first
Big blast no longer costs HP
Thanks given by: Memento
I just found out about this. Thanks so much for continuing this project! Going to download now :)

I have just tested it, here's my observations and suggestions! I didn't put all the positive feedback in, just know I was glad to see the progress :)

In overall gameplay it is still rather chunky. This is partly due to how the sprites are, sometimes due to data. As for the data:


Right now, Nino is mostly set up as a very glassy melee pick (glassy = vulnerable). However, he's not a big threat just yet. Usually with glassier picks, they come high offensive strength. Nino can do some cool tricks, but in terms of gameplay, he won't be able to achieve much at this point (of course it's still in the making ;)).

I think he could benefit from the following things:

1) Make his more basic melee moves (DvA, DvA and run attack mainly) free of mana, with combo potential starting from these moves).

2) Make him either glassy and dangerous, or bulky and steady.
> If you choose to keep him glassy, be sure to make his attacks more dangerous. Right now he is especially vulnarable against a larger group (unless you spam D>A+A, which isn't so much fun to do).
> If you choose to give him additional defences, give him 1 or 2 nasty counter tricks with combo potential (that can be escaped from by the opponent in a way).

3) Some of the vrest values in the data create a problematic scenario with the rocks.
> I suggest making the vrest value a little bit higher. If you want to utilize the rock-combo potential, play around with the dvx/dvy in the ITR

4) Current D>A: looking cool, but it should either be performed faster or have a more destructive effect to be useful in battle.
> Made faster, it could keep an opponent at distance. Made stronger, it could push more than 1 opponent back (vrest).
> I think the same sprites also have some potential to look cool as a 'super punch' of some sort, maybe a special counter attack to start a combo from, or even change the run attack to this (with or without an additional 'melee blast').

4+) Current D>A+A: in my opinion, the big energy ball should fade, as it's very powerful. Maybe add a cool effect to it, like having it drag&hurt every other character and object across the field for 500 pixels or something, before the energy ball disappears. (Or have it spawn Davis doll 'weapons' as a joke with a specific action XD)

5) Current D>J: much like tiger dash in type and mana cost, but not as handy. Just a suggestion (no idea if it's the better option here): change the current D>J for what you have as run attack now (the slide).

6) Current DvA: too much like throwing regular punches in terms of gameplay.

7) Current D^A (+J): nothing much to add here. I like the combo potential.
8) Current D^J: hard to hit. When the opponent is drinking, you often hit the bottle and get your everything slapped after that.

9) Defensive counter actions: the special attacks aren't set up to be very dangerous IMO. The mana cost of some melee attacks is a problem, as is getting knocked down during combos.

Anyway, I was having a lot of fun playing the character. Honestly it makes me feel like downloading the data changer and mess around in the code and sprites... not much time at hand though :p
Original character edits
LF2 Timelapse (open source mod)

Thanks given by: rewlf2

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