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Does this mod works for anyone?
Link to mod:
I remember playing it long time ago but now it doesn't work.
Upon starting this is what I get:

'Could not create a filter graph for this file!'
'Could not Open Wafe File <data\m_join.wav>'

I am on windows 8.1, already tried using compability with windows xp.
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I managed to get it to run, though sadly this EXE is most likely based on 2.0 rather than 2.0a and doesn't have _mirror support for those with NVidia graphics cards.

This LF2 mod is moleboxed, meaning the files are protected and can only be read by the EXE itself, which would cause issues for people using newer versions of Windows.

No idea how to get it to work for you, but you can try and google how to un-molebox something.
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Unmolebox was pretty easy, just one click with this program fixed the game:
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