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My last action
(11-13-2018, 12:34 PM)rewlf2 Wrote:  I did have some need to familiarize the characters so I made a readme myself :X

Move list (Click to View)

that was great :o

some missing thing:

DJA + D^A : summon wolf
DJA + D^J : summon owl

DJA : activate
causes the ice projectile to explode in a large area
works with enemy ice ball

on air D>A: Swift strike & DvA: Down kick
Recoveri: when launched by the enemy press D to Sneak grab

Obs frostiel and caleb fuse in the same way as they firen and firzen
Visit my blog and download characters made by myself: D
Thanks given by: rewlf2
I made a quick "remaster" version which fixed some Graphic blur, mirroring and graphic artifacts.

I didn't bother to change balance at all.

Also please find the full movelist (it is also updated in the post eariler)


Also some amendment on Castiel:
Since there are 2 versions of Castiel: 1 with id: 13 which has no AI and no increased MP recovery, and another using firzen AI,
you can choose the normal version without inputting
Thanks given by:

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