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Gift 1: Weapon Generator (Prototype series)
Advent Season - Anticipation of Christmas
Gift 1: Weapon Generator

I have a lot of ideas for my project Easier LF-Editor. A few features are already finished for one year... I wanted to publish all features in one, but unfortunately, the big project needs a lot of time and I don't have time... But I saw that a few people need functions, which I have already finished. So I have decided to publish a feature to each advent. This project series is called "Prototype". Prototype is a little teaser for my "life-project" xD
Please remember - its a protoype: so some values values or images are hardcoded or its not very handly or buggy! Important for you: I would like to hear your feedback, but there won't be any updates (for bug fixes and features updates, except its a heavy bug). That is my part for this christmas - have fun and build a snowman!

The Weapon Generator is based on CrazyBunny's idea - thank you for letting me develop the idea further.
The generator needs two pictures of the weapon, both by angle zero: the normal weapon sprite and the sprite, when a character holds the weapon. It rotates the images and generates a full data file. The sound files are used from baseball bat. At the moment, the generator supports only light weapons. Others weapon types are planned for Easier LF-Editor.

Screenshots / Manual
Screenshot (Click to View)

Google Drive

[Image: unknown.png]
Oh boy, this is way more useful than you realize, its great not just for weapons but also for rotating characters or projectiles!
[Image: unknown.png]
And yes, custom hitboxes are generated for you.

This gets the STaMp of Approval!
[Image: uMSShyX.png]
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It's hardly been a day and your tool is already creating a big stir on #lfe!

[Image: ?m=aW1hZ2UvanBlZyw4NTAsMzQwLJzXW444cR3kZ...aziKidND8W]

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