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Character: Ninja minion
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Two Rudolf edits, one use only sword and other only ninja stars. I wanted to make them as stage minions, but new AI is needed for even basic ranged attacks. I also tired to fuse them into one character, transforming into each other after every next: 999 and so dynamically changing style of fight, but maybe it wasn't the best idea.

Both ninjas can use Rudolf magical/ninjalike leap from rowing and DA or D+A to keep running after it.

[Image: iJAquOx.gif]

The difference between Rudolf and sword ninja is only basic punching and counter attack, can still use original D>J.

[Image: bJ4TJs7.gif]

Star version is a bit more interesting. D>A to throw 3 stars.

[Image: mHu6E23.gif]


I'd love some ideas for skin for them, recolouring clothes is such cheap move and I remember seeing somewhere ruolf with mask, so maybe anyone can think of some other little chage, to make them look less charactersitic (as fitting for minions).
And if you can't sleep at night, since there is no character which you can write AI for, look no further. Would be nice to use them for little stage modification.
Thanks given by: STM1993 , Cabba , Memento , darkfiren
If you want to, you can turn the ranged Rudolf into a wpnMinion.
Remember the whole deleting the baseball bat off-screen for Banter and also FlyingKicker bandit?

If you made rangeRudolf spawn a rock as though it were a normal weapon, he would be able to press A when the enemy is within mid-range and is on the same z-axis as himself. Turns out AI behavior is purely tied to the ID of the weapon they are holding, it does not matter if its type was edited or if it wasn't carried in the intentional way.

It does mean however, that rangeRudolf would have no interest in picking up weapons on the floor.
More importantly, there is unfortunately no reliable way to make rangeRudolf runaway and keep his distance, so he will always inch ever closer.

One thing I've considered is for rangeRudolf to be more like a Justin instead; just delete or replace his weapon with something that has a melee-centric AI. If he presses A again during this phase, he will switch to using sword attacks temporarily.

You could actually use milk/beer for the runaway behavior, but the problem is that this behavior is strictly on Difficult/Crazy only; on Easy/Normal the AI will still ever so slowly inch his way closer to you unless you get too far away from him.
[Image: uMSShyX.png]
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Working on the LF2 Rebalance mod.
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Thanks given by: The_Hari
I once made this skin, maybe you could make a use of it: [Image: Dot3GbV.png]
Thanks given by: The_Hari , Cabba , Memento , darkfiren
Download new version

- both character merged into one file
- ability to change direction of >>DA\>>D+A rowing
[Image: 5bzHVlX.gif]

- sword version will teleport whenever attempting to pick up an item
[Image: STcBMpA.gif]

- star version new dash attack
[Image: wm6vZsq.gif]

- no more D>J, D>A and counter attack
- semi ranged AI for star version
Thanks given by: Cabba , darkfiren

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