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Ratio Attack Issue
Is it possible to create another attack identical to Bat's bat without replacing the original move?

I have read through the Ratio Attack thread and tried to create a move, but the new sprites aren't showing in the there a solution to that?
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Unfortunately, there isn't; you would have to replace the original move and make some adjustments.

The ability to create ratio attacks is hardcoded to a few specific hit_Fa: tags, which in turn only works for the specific IDs they are tied to.

That being said, you can consider changing frame 0 of the original move to have an "itr kind 8" to check whether the character(who will have a bdy specifically for this ik8) is using this move specifically. If detected, it then goes to the frame indicated in the itr's "dvx" tag, and then you can make it transform(uses pic +140) or do a bunch of other things.

One notable disadvantage that is not discussed in the ratio attack article is that new IK8 heal values will override any existing healing effect(except for Jan's angels) that is going on. So if he was being healed by John and you use the ratio attack(assuming you use injury: 0), the character will stop healing. You can overcome this by opointing another Type 0 char to act as the bdy, but this changes the drawback to "counts as +1 person to your team and shows a "Com", and requires a longer delay time.

You can check MH-Razen's old Targaros (Woody-head LouisEX) for a study example.
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Thank you so much! will take a look at the study example! :)
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