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Switching Charcters !!!
Hey guys I was just wanted to ask that can we add something like switching between charcter in the same team ..

For example -

I'm using Firen with almost 25% hp left and Dennis is my teammate (com player) having 75% hp remaining . Now I want to switch between Firen and Dennis .

Computer player taking control over Human player and Human player taking control over Computer Player.  Is something like this possible ...

      Firen --> Human
      Dennis --> Computer

After switching -

      Firen --> Computer
      Dennis --> Human

After using F4 everything resets to normal ...

(Sorry for bad english)
Have a Good Day !!!
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interesting topic. In my opinion it is basically changing char mid game yes? Rudolph can morph into someone if he grabs them and his clones can also copy your appearance based on the character he imitated.
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(06-07-2020, 06:24 AM)sssks6070 Wrote:  Hey guys I was just wanted to ask that can we add something like switching between charcter in the same team ..

And you just inspired me for my char skill.

Well, there's two way to realize that. With .exe edit or DC.
idk is .exe editing will working cause i never edit any lf2 exe, and when using DC, this will require longer time to switch because we need to check their current HP & DHP(i think mana aren't checkable(for com(need to press button))).

Here the idea for realising that. bad eng '-'
1. Command. just like input skill, i sure computers won't accept when u want to switch without AI. Also making system that able to choose ally are really important.

2. Special Bdy and frame. You need to add every char to make it available(don't you dare to put that bdy into minions too).

3. Targeting. Using ik8 with target selecting is the best way. also following camera too would be good.

4. Ally Check. Using ball hitting frame is the best choice cause only need two frame and less enemy distraction(without ik8 modding).

5. HP & DHP Check. kinda hard to tell :')

4. Transform. using rudolf's miracle + state 8xxx(also kinda hard to tell) or using special ID that full with state 8xxx to reducing special frame needed.

and that's all, hope you understand what i try to tell cause my bad eng ^^
Not impossible i think, i'll try soon when i have free time.
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