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Compilation Work using DLL Framework
Oh no you have messed up with few things although you got most of them working which is good

I'm including some small corrections with pictures so that you can understand easily !!!!

You don't have to add the whole CRAZY UI folder in the game directory

[Image: 1.PNG]

You have to select the version which you want to use (like v1, v2, v3 or v4 ) and copy the dlls and UI from that folder to your game directory !!!!

Since you want to use v3, so just go to v3 folder

[Image: 2.PNG]

Select dlls and UI folder and just copy them to your game directory !!!

[Image: 3.PNG]

This UI.dll should go to dlls folder and you have placed it in UI Folder :'(
[Image: 4.PNG]

Move it to dlls folder , like this !!! ;)
[Image: 5.PNG]

Source folder is for those who are interested to know the code behind the changes, if you are not interested in doing that, then you can simply ignore them or delete that folder , no need to add them in the game directory  :s

[Image: 6.PNG]

[Image: 7.PNG]

That's all , I think the game should run according to your choice now  :p
Have a Good Day !!!
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Thanks given by:
Seems like the files got corrupted somehow !!
Anyways I updated the first post for easy explanation, you can redownload the UI dll folder and replace the corrupted files !!!
Have a Good Day !!!
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Thanks given by: Bupkis
Stage Team Change

Orignal work by InfiniteZero and Leaf.F !!!
  • Team name according to Team Colours in character selection menu
  • You can choose your Team in Stage Mode like it was in old version 1.71
  • Criminals and Enemies when freed or defeated will join their respective team
  • Justin and Knight will go through skin change on joinning back in stage mode

[Image: 1.PNG]

Area Lock

Work by Hari , Shad90 and InfiniteZero !!!
  • Locks the visible screen area for weapons and players
  • Works in every game mode !!!

[Image: wall-left.gif]

[Image: wall-right.gif]

[Image: weapon.gif]

[Image: weapon_2.gif]

No one can leave Twisted

Friendly Fire

As the name suggests , you can hit your teammates !!!

[Image: friendly_fire.gif]

More DLLs on the way  :p
Have a Good Day !!!
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Thanks given by: Mesujin , FredyFired
Music System

Changes the existing music system and allows you to add more music in game !!

You can rename the title of the music track at character selection according to your choice , plus can add more than 100+ music files with this !! 

Reads the list of bgm's from bgm.dat which you have to add in data folder -

data\bgm.dat ~~
maximum character limit for name is 32

      name: LF2_Main_Theme
      file: bgm\main1.wma
      name: LF2_Main_Theme_2
      file: bgm\main2.wma
      name: Main_Theme
      file: bgm\main.wma
      name: Stage_1
      file: bgm\stage1.wma
      name: Stage_2
      file: bgm\stage2.wma
      name: Stage_3
      file: bgm\stage3.wma
      name: Stage_4
      file: bgm\stage4.wma
      name: Stage_5
      file: bgm\stage5.wma
      name: Boss
      file: bgm\boss1.wma
      name: Final_Boss
      file: bgm\boss2.wma

Ingame preview ~~
[Image: 1.gif]

This feature is extracted from the exe provided at this post !!! 

Input Fix

To improve the input feedback and have more responsive controls !!

Work by Shad90 !!!
Have a Good Day !!!
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Thanks given by: Mesujin
Random Selection

  • Increased random selection limit from id29 to id69
  • Julian and Firzen won't appear in random
  • Freeze Sword and both of Louis's armour now drop as regular weapon

Summary Box at Pause

  • Displays Summary board when the game is paused
  • Works in all modes

Character Menu

  • Displays small portraits at character menu (character_s.bmp)

Function Key Display Fix

  • Fixed the problem of "Function Keys Used" and "Function Keys Locked"  text overlapping with other details in stage and battle mode

Substage Select

  • Allows you to select substage at stage selection menu and display phase count next to stage count
  • You can also select backgrounds in reverse using J key with different sound but it only works in VS and Stage Mode (By Shad90)

All Combined Link-


Also removed all the previous links and made a single link for everything !!!  :)
Have a Good Day !!!
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Thanks given by: Little Fighter Extreme

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