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Ingame bugs of Lf2
Well as topic says here's listed nearly every bug (or rather a move which occured during game which was most likely not supposed to happen).

1. Louis bug
Hitting Louis shortly before he lands stucks him. Fixed in 2.0.

2. Bug jump
Some characters (Louis, Henry and most of sub and boss characters) can do unlimited dash jumps with weapon.

3. Bug skills
Bat, Julian, Davis, Justin and Jack have bugged skills, skills which they can cast when they run and also to the opposite side. Using these skills when on low MP does weird things as well. Julian/Bat have combination D-</>-J and Davis/Justin/Jack D-</>-A. To make these skills work, hit all buttons required for skill together.

4. Rotate bug
Deep or Dennis while grabbing on low MP can rotate their opponents by pressing D+</>+J to opposite side.

5. Disappearing of weapons on edge
Run, dash jump or roll directly to the edge of map causes held weapons to disappear.

6. Rudolf : mid-air cut
Originally a bug which was not fixed most likely because it suited Rudolf (well, he is a ninja). To do it, press J+D+</>+J, but character must be hit from back.

7. Davis : Ultra dragon punch
Davis do D+v+A. If anything hit him during third hit, and he will do dragon punch after, he'll fly a lot higher than normally.

8. Revived shadow
Rudolf transforms into Julian, makes shadows in Julian form, and transforms back before they disappear. This makes shadows transform into functional clones.

9. Destroying Henry's magic arrow
Henry's magic arrow can be destroyed with some characters by shooting a blast at it and hitting it afterwards.

10. Paralyzing with Rudolf
Rudolf is transforming into someone. If anything hits that character just before transform, he will be stuck and unable to move until hit.

11. Awkward blast freezing
Freeze's frames while he is being thrown still freeze freezable projectiles.

12. Deep thawing bug
Deep jumping into iceball by D+^+J will sometimes not freeze.

13. Weapon grab bug
If character gets hit when he is taking weapon, sometimes a bug can happen. Character who took item will look as if he was still picking a weapon.

14. Rudolf : transforming back anytime
When is Rudolf transformed into other character, he can avoid getting knocked out, being frozen or burnt by transforming back into his normal form.

15. Arrows into stone
Arrows getting more than 1000 damage ( possible only with Julian's ball,
Julian's explosion and F9 ) change into frames of broken stone.

16. Last hit
If a character is already dead (0 HP), there is still an action he can do until he fall to the ground. One of few ways to invoke it is being transformed Rudolf and after some grab punches getting victim to 0 Hp state. Transforming back after that still enables some characters with fast air hit to strike Rudolf.

17. Bugged weapon throw
Henry or Hunter throwing a character with a weapon in hands will throw weapon as well.

18. Multifreezing
Character struck by 2 or more freezing projectiles at the same time remains frozen.

19. Firen rotate bug
If Firen use his firewalk but gets hit and grabbed, flames may cause rotating him to opposite side.

20. Holding heavy weapon frame freeze
Characters with armor holding stone/crate are hit, but armor absorbs it. Stone/crate will fall out of their hands, but their frames of holding heavy object remain.

21. Projectiles changing direction
Projectiles hitting Henry's fire arrow or Julian's purple ball flying up or down will change their direction so they will fly straight upon impact.

22. Armor bug
If characters with armor jump right after something hit them, they'll faint.
Louis can also invoke short "Louis bug" if he jumps with a weapon and attacks.

23. Stuck disk
John's disk cast right into the shield will be stuck in it until shield disappears.

24. Backroll bug
Bug invocable with numerous characters, but under different conditions.
With Deep/Bat it is required to press D+</>+J on low MP while rolling
to the opposite side of roll, while with Davis/Justin/Jack it's invocable by pressing D+</>+A together while running on very low MP.

25. Backflip
If Julian or Bat want to invoke bug skill but haven't enough MP, they will jump to the opposite side from where they run (instead of backroll)

26. Mark's double punch
Some characters holding a crate/stone may get a double hit from Mark.

27. Glitched struck frame
Hitting any shot blasts with one of longer weapons (i.e. Freeze's sword) too late causes rarely the holder of weapon to get struck as well as the blast send back.

28. Louis's bouncing whirlwind throw
Louis can be hit during the first frame of whirlwind throw. This hit will lower Louis's HP, however spin is not interrupted. It will continue even if the combination used against Louis is supposed to change his position.

29. Non-damaging hit spot
Arrows, shurikens or thrown weapons hitting a character right before they land hits character but does 0 damage.

30. Whirlwind throw usable at teammate.
Louis may use whirlwind throw at his teammate when he's frozen.

31. Davis's shortened dash attack
Davis may shorten his dash attack by pressing A after performing it. If pressed fast enough, it can pass through his opponent without damaging him.

32. Defusion
Pressing DJA before fusing with Firen or Freeze defuse them before Firzen explosion happens.

33. Stuck frame
Each time a frame with an itr hits something, it freezes in it's current frame for a very short period of time. This makes possible to get completely frozen while using area skill at extreme amount of opponents. Combining this possibility with Davis's short no-body frames makes him completely invulnerable against enormous group of opponents.

34. Mark's area punch hit
Mark punching his grabbed victim hits characters close to him as well.

35. Incorrect bottle position on edge in battle/survival mode
A side effect of prevention from disappearing bottles in battle and survival mode. Bottles get a little displaced.

36. Pink smoke bug
Rudolf being Firzen / LouisEX and transforming back right after hitting during jump. Frames of Rudolf transforming are skipped. Happens also under many more circumstances, like transforming back when Rudolf is burned.

37. Drinking air
Pressing F9 while drinking leaves character in drinking state, although without any MP / HP regeneration. Sound effect of drinking is still being played.

38. Energy ball freezing bug
Davis shoots his blue energy ball at Freeze. Freeze hits the first ball with his ice sword. Second Davis's ball instead of freezing disappears.

39. Energy shield and iceball interaction
Freeze shoots his iceball at John, who is standing close to his shield. Ice ball can freeze John but also return the same ball that froze John in direction of shield.

40. No position change frame
1 frame in the middle of throwing someone is bugged - it causes thrown character hit by blast to ignore any change in dynamics. Exactly same bugged frame also happens when victim is about to fall after grab. Also getting in burnt or frozen status is ignored.

41. Stunning hit
Bug happening if weapon and any other random thing (including other weapon hit) hit character at the same time. Target should fall on ground, instead of that he is in frame of being in the first of 3 nessesary hits for dance of pain. Also some random combos may spawn because of this. It's disadvantage in stage - if this happens there, coms will hurt player 2 or 3 times more damaging than it would take without exitence of the bug. Rudolf's stars and Bat's bats can easily invoke this bug.

42. Armor feature
Louis, Julian and Knight are immune to shields.

43. Backwards jump
Bug or feature possible to be done with every character. Pressing buttons correcly can skip frames of rotating so it looks like a character is jumping backwards.

44. Bugged iceball
Dennis's homing ball struck by iceball right at the end of Firen's blowing fire attack gets somehow through fire without damaging Firen instead of being destroyed.

45. Strange weapon break
Boomerang still held by Henry can be broken.

46. Tornado bugs
Hitting character at the moment of freezing by tornado (works also with ball, sword and icicles) thaws him.
By doing the same as previous except character gets in tornado's radius makes him float without repeaten freezing.
Character jumping (mostly from up/down) and getting struck by tornado right before landing thaws him and he floats in it as well.
Because of 1 frame where characters can make a skill by certain combination, by doing the previous bug every character can invoke all of his skills in tornado.
Pressing F7 makes active tornados lose ability to freeze and damage stuff.

47. Grab bug
Someone wants to grab other character in DoP. If he gets struck during catching frame, he will remain holding his victim.

48. Rotate while throw
Henry throwing someone on low MP may rotate while throwing by continuously pressing D+>/<+A (I am not sure about this).

49. Palm while grab
LouisEX catch someone and hit j.
The frame will turn to the same way as Louis (hit_j: -260).

50. Rudolf fusion possibility
Rudolf transformed into Freeze/Firen fusing and becoming a Firzen makes the other fusing character disappear. He can be brought back only by transforming Rudolf to Firzen, when suddenly second character reappears.

51. Hitting projectile from back
Some characters can rebound blasts flying towards them from back.

52. Short distance bug
Two characters standing close to each other shoot projectile at the same time. However they will not get both hit but only 1 of them, the second remains untouched.
Not all types of projectiles can invoke this.

53. MP bug
Louis and Louisex still loses mp if they don't have enough mp for thunder punch.

54. No flame bug
Bug happenning when Firen wants to make his firewalk and stops immediately. Flames may not always appear, but MP gets drained.

55. Passable frozen Louis
Louis hits Freeze by spinning other character. Freeze then makes Louis frozen and for a short while frozen Louis is passable.

56. Dynamics bug
Character gets grabbed and while the grab he gets struck by skill which normally pushes struck characters automatically. If he remains grabbed after struck, any skill done in grab makes him move in way of skill done before.

57. 0Hp state
Reaching 0 Hp makes automatically any character fall on ground until end of fight. Evading death after reaching 0 Hp is normally impossible, because it's nessesary to dodge getting in frames like walking, running, defend, struck. However, as a result of chain of bugs, there are few ways of remaining alive after reaching 0Hp status.

58. Weapon pick costing MP
Henry, Rudolf and Hunter taking weapon will lose MP equal to their normal attack.

59. No blast rebound
Characters who can rebound projectiles won't do so if it was shot at them from short distance.

60. Flame spreading bug
Dash hit against firen using firewalk may set dashing character on fire. However anyone who gets intact with him will not get burnt.

61. MP loss bug
Characters using MP for basic attack (A) may lose MP if they press A+J or D+J. However by doing so they will not perform their attack.

62. Position switch
Firen using dash attack at burning opponents may cause switch of his position with the position of victim.
Also burning Firen will not burn anyone while falling.

63. Disappearing snowballs
Davis's blue balls hitting 2 or more stacked ice balls causes one of ice balls to disappear, and after that davis's blue ball changes into ice one as well.
damage proof

64. Blackened face pic
Smashing into keyboard while choosing coms may cause face picture, name and team to turn black.

65. Thawing bug
Sorcerer shoots ice ball at character grabbed by monk. Character will however thaw shortly after struck.

66. Invisible wall
Rudolf's clone gets frozen, then real Rudolf uses his disappear. Clone will be invisible and impassable.

67. Double grab
Grabbing more characters close to each other results in one character being normally grabbed while others are pushed a little above ground.

68. Heavy weapons displace
Using weapon grab bug (bug 13.) with heavy weapons makes possible to do dash jump or roll while "holding" heavy weapons, but completely displaced. On top of that, those weapons are actually damaging.

69. Transparent Louis
Someone gets caught in Louis's spin and another character gets hit by it. If he'll recover, he will be immune to Louis's D>J.

70. Boomerang hit glitch
Throwing character at boomerang may sometimes hurt that character.

71. Max objects in survival
Getting maximum amount of objects in survival prevents enemies to appear, stage level counter is adding levels forever.

72. Displaced weapons
Pausing while using weapons makes them appear where they are supposed to be a few frames afterwards.

73. Heavy weapon occasional bug
If heavy weapon hits something after falling on ground, they don't get affected by F9 very rarely.

74. HP Deplenish
HP Depleting effect of Henry's flute remains even after it had finished as long as victim doesn't get on ground.

75. Self-Ressurection
Hitting character with strong armor (Julian / knight) with minimal HP during frame of beginning of drinking makes possible to these characters to die for one frame and come back to life.

76. Broken whirlwind throw
Under certain circumstances whirlwind throw may do special effect.

77. Passable boulder/crate
Heavy weapon falling from hands of hit character is passable for a while.

78. Weird heavy weapon possibilities
Some rare occurances that have quite weird results. (2nd and 3rd are 4 templates stacked)

79. Magical baseballs
A certain distance between characters with same trajectory of thrown baseball enables to these baseballs to fly through each other without interrupting.

80. 0.0 ; 0.5 Defense
Running recorded files using playback recording and getting into battle mode activates 0.0 ; 0.5 defense. 0.0 being same as 1.0 and 0.5 being unique - characters do 2X damage.

81. Malfunctioning hit
LouisEX hitting character immediately upon damaging them with running attack is likely to miss.

82. Template Punch Transit
Template's punch done on character has a special property that makes hit followed immediately after this punch pass through any characters without causing harm.


Eamonn - discovering some of rarest bugs
Noir - reminding me of bug skills of Jack ; Justin
Megatron - discovering bug 46 and also 59
Mr.天狼星 - discovering Henry's arrow direction change and LouisEx palm while grab
Azriel - discovering bug 54
another_user - discovering bug 56 and also 61
Nave - discovering bug 62
Kevin - discovering bug 65
Ballrogg - discovering bug 66
Ravon - discovering bug 67 and also 68
Speedthief - discovering bug 69
please, Please, PLEASE post links to the images rather than embed them in the post. I don't want the LFE forum to have such an image heavy post. It's only polite and courteous to others who have slower internet connections. furthermore, the huge number of images extends the page a lot making us have to scroll down quite a bit.

you've heard my comments before. good work.

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I ve already reuploaded it so it loads faster, well I have slow connection ( actually fkin slow) and it loads without prob (now)

anyways do YOU have slow connection speed?
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lastly, any comments pm me (or msn).

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wow, this collection is awesome. I would like to use it on mainsite if you're fine with it.

But I would still please you for one thing: NEVER post so many images in one thread again - post links to them ....
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Hum... Good work, but the man that can fix the bug is Marti (i think).
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Hmm, this might be useful... with that list I might get back into DCing, too :D
Awesome collection, thanks for submitting it! :)
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i m sure no other usefull legitive bugs are in game waiting to be discovered. If I would just show up with a one hit kill bug, everyone will find out data is messed up.
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I cant just leave the thread die the way it was not supposed to.
I made it to be with images and actually it is far from the point with just links.
However thanks to the spoiler thing, I decided to leave it like this, with no harm done to those with slow connections (as well as no gifs shown).
I belive it is final version, because of lack of bugs.
(Admins can take care of thread for good if it is bad this way)
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it took so long to load and when i opened it when it was done
by the way i saw these before at some other forums but thanks for posting
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