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[char] just a little template-mod: templateX
Aoe-sum Mod.
First when I tested the D>J, I thought it would be overpowered, but no, the char is quite balanced
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I'm gonna say positive comment, when i'll see some news, becouse this isn't good enought - this looks like double deep's blast, am I wrong? And that magic punch looks bit originalier, but you have to think more!
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cool the exploding ball:).....
[Image: firensiggr2.png]
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Neat! The only thing to report is that it seems that the bomb's explosion centering is a bit off.
Like the energyball-rain :D
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finished the 1.1-version of TemplateX!
download here.
readme and info (Click to View)
download, install and have fun :P
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fixed some wpoints in laserfist and balls from up.
redownload here.

btw: comments aren't forbidden :P
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submitted templatex to mainsite:
[Image: random.php?pic=random]
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Yea, the character's really good IMO. I wonder where people take those ideas to come up with such attacks?
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