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slowing down time
my current method. simple and works fairly well

kind: 0 x: -9999 y: 100 w: 99999 h: 9999 zwidth: 9999 dvx: 0 dvy: 0 fall: -1 vrest: 8 bdefend: 100 injury: 0
effect: 5

a little messy but it does its job. Huge range, continuously hits the opponent so his movments are slowed down, hit spark is hidden, fall of negative 1 so it dosent go into the injured frames, bdefend of 100 so that the objects on the field don't bounce around, and effect 5 so there isn't any sound.

sorry if i suck at explaining, its better to just try it out

-have to chose between destroying all objects on the field or having them bounce around since the itr continuously hits them. I chose to just destroy them since it got kinda annoying with the bouncing...
-fire problem, opponets stay on fire but don't fall down. I think its the fall: -1 that causes it. Usually when an opponent is hit by the fire effect he falls down. I think that with fall: -1 his fall points kinda decrease so he dosen't fall down anymore and just stays there in place on fire

Any way to fix the problems? Are there any unnessary codes in it? And are there any other more effiecent methods?
no other methods - nothing wrong with that itr

ive done this aswell knowing there is no other way to slow your opponents
but i dont like its effect - cause once it wears off all your opponents got super endurance
and they shake while its hitting them

so yeah i dont like it - but i also dont know a better way to do it
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Yeah sure there's a solution for both problems:

This slow-down-time itr should be on a special itr/bdy at y: 1000 or so, you can easily add this with editors like EditPadPro, just a few clicks and you have a new bdy at the end of every frame. THen go and delete the bdy at the frames like fire and stuff. Weapons dont get it in general...

Sure the problem is that you have to modify every char, so the question is: do you make a version or is it the move for a character? For chars only, hm, doubt you'll find a solution...
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Its already in my mod, back in the old forum. The thread with the huge amounts of spam...

I already have bout 35ish characters, doing that will take a very long time >< lol...

for the fire i don't really think it hits the burning frames. Its just the fall: x thats the problem i think
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the NTSD-thingy? I knew that thread too well...

You pretty much don't have a great variety of possibilities I thought you maybe could use itr (k:9) but that doesn't really work. You could also create a big-range itr (k:14) that will work like a wall and stop any x and z movement...
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Use thie editor and replace



Then delete the fire bdy...
Will probbaly need like half an hour...
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tried the itr 14. What it does it just makes the opponent only able to move in one direction

thanks i'll try that out
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Sorry for reviving the thread, but I think I have an idea on how to make the method prevent the super endurance given to characters, but it will make the time-effect a little awkward (as though time-stopping has created some kind of distortion that blows away everything like an explosion temporarily).

After the time-stopping itr, it would go to another frame where the itr becomes a itr with a very strong dvx/y so it pushes characters away and makes sure they fall onto the ground, lying. This way, they won't have super-endurance.

I also have some ideas to stimulate a similar effect to time-stopping (but don't know if it works or possible):

Characters will have a certain or more frames reserved for time-stopping, as well as a bdy for the time-stopping ball to catch.

Time-stopping releases a ball that catches all characters within its area of effect and brings it to the appropriate frame.

To prevent balls or weapons from moving, there has to be some kind of way to catch these balls or weapons and bring them to a stop state until everything is over.

If you want to create an effect (more of cinematic purposes) where characters cannot be attacked, its just changing the catch to make the character unhittable (basic) and for weapons/balls, make them lose their bdy.

What if we attack things that have been stopped? What I'm thinking is, the catching ball will keep spawning or keep catching. If the ball does not catch anything it will disappear. So if a time-frozen enemy is hit and somehow flies breaks out of the catch as a result, will catch back the enemy and freeze him in time. For balls and weapons, if I'm not wrong if hit it'd simply disappear or whatever, which will only be a problem if they are like the Soul Bomb that Julian uses (explodes).

What if the time-effect is over, but the character has only been caught after the beginning of the move? Well, after the time-effect, there will be an itr that will somehow cause the catch to end and bring it to another state.

What if there are too many objects in LF2? Then you'll have to make a smaller area of effect and prevent anything from entering the area. You'll have to create some kind of barrier to prevent anything from entering or even destroy the thing from entering.

The disadvantage is that the time-effect can be a bit flawed in a sense. For example, Davis is doing a leap attack. But when the time-move is used, it brings Davis to a time-frozen jump state. When the time effect ends, it will bring Davis back into a jumping state instead of his leap attack state.

I'm thinking the solution to the above disadvantage (which may be impossible) is to somehow be able to remember what move the character is doing, bring him to the time-frozen state, and when its over, go back to the move that was originally performed. But if the character was hit and caught the second time, it will remember the latest happening before it was caught again.

What do you guys think?
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i think thats way too complex and looks more like immitating an effect rather than a time stop anyway - why?
cause you are not stopping everyone in his frame but rather stop them in a new one (similar to ice)

i really dont think its a solution worth chewing through

edit: the prevention is sensible tho - i use it for the petrified state aswell, but it really depends on whether you can put up with that shock effect at the end or not - because once again its not a pure time stop and interrupts everyones action in the end
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Actually, sorry for reviving the thread again, but is there a problem with using fall:0?

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