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Need help with new characters
Hey guys I'm new to this site and just decided to play some hardcore LF2 :D

im not sure this is the right section but i have some problems with new characters added to original LF2

i successfully installed few characters but it seems that not all of their special attacks are working.

for example i downloaded RudolfTS, his special Ice Drake and Special move does not work, what i think is sprites are not loading up, also his Rage Slash move does not hit other characters.
Also Luke's force moves and lightsaber throw does not work.

Anyone got a idea whats wrong?
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More specific?
What happens when you try those moves?

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i think the problem is the ID numbers are doubling up. In other words, one or more of the chars added are using the same ID for an attack. the new LF2 exe doesnt like that, and it will think its a different move.
So suggestions:
learn a bit of DC, and do this:
go to data.txt and make sure you have no same ID's, and if you do, change them to any number, as long as you remember. Then, go to the chars that used those moves, with a data changer, and then press CTRL+R, and type oid: xxx (x is the original number) and then replace with oid: yyy (y is new number)
this should work.

or, you could remove some of your chars.

post your data.txt here, that will help
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do u think getting 1.9 would fix it?

I will try the Data Changer thing also, also this is my data.txt
id:  0  type: 0  file: data\template.dat
id:  52  type: 0  file: data\julian.dat
id:  51  type: 0  file: data\firzen.dat
id:  50  type: 0  file: data\louisEX.dat
id:  38  type: 0  file: data\bat.dat
id:  39  type: 0  file: data\justin.dat
id:  37  type: 0  file: data\knight.dat
id:  36  type: 0  file: data\jan.dat
id:  35  type: 0  file: data\monk.dat
id:  34  type: 0  file: data\sorcerer.dat
id:  33  type: 0  file: data\jack.dat
id:  32  type: 0  file: data\mark.dat
id:  31  type: 0  file: data\hunter.dat
id:  30  type: 0  file: data\bandit.dat
id:  1  type: 0  file: data\deep.dat
id:  2  type: 0  file: data\john.dat
id:  4  type: 0  file: data\henry.dat
id:  5  type: 0  file: data\rudolf.dat
id:  6  type: 0  file: data\louis.dat
id:  7  type: 0  file: data\firen.dat
id:  8  type: 0  file: data\freeze.dat
id:  9  type: 0  file: data\dennis.dat
id: 10  type: 0  file: data\woody.dat
id: 11  type: 0  file: data\davis.dat
id: 401 type: 0  file: data\rudolfTS.dat   #TSrudolf
id: 600  type: 0  file: data\rudolfex.dat         #rudolfex data
id:  700  type: 0  file: data\luke.dat

id: 100  type: 1  file: data\weapon0.dat   #stick
id: 101  type: 1  file: data\weapon2.dat   #hoe
id: 120  type: 1  file: data\weapon4.dat   #knife
id: 121  type: 4  file: data\weapon5.dat   #baseball
id: 122  type: 6  file: data\weapon6.dat   #milk
id: 150  type: 2  file: data\weapon1.dat   #stone
id: 151  type: 2  file: data\weapon3.dat   #wooden_box
id: 123  type: 6  file: data\weapon8.dat   #beer
id: 124  type: 1  file: data\weapon9.dat   #<
id: 217  type: 2  file: data\weapon10.dat  #louis_armour
id: 218  type: 2  file: data\weapon11.dat  #louis_armour
id: 300  type: 5  file: data\criminal.dat  #criminal

id: 200  type: 3  file: data\john_ball.dat
id: 201  type: 1  file: data\henry_arrow1.dat
id: 202  type: 1  file: data\rudolf_weapon.dat
id: 203  type: 3  file: data\deep_ball.dat
id: 204  type: 3  file: data\henry_wind.dat
id: 205  type: 3  file: data\dennis_ball.dat
id: 206  type: 3  file: data\woody_ball.dat
id: 207  type: 3  file: data\davis_ball.dat
id: 208  type: 3  file: data\henry_arrow2.dat
id: 209  type: 3  file: data\freeze_ball.dat
id: 210  type: 3  file: data\firen_ball.dat
id: 211  type: 3  file: data\firen_flame.dat
id: 212  type: 3  file: data\freeze_column.dat
id: 213  type: 1  file: data\weapon7.dat   #ice_sword
id: 214  type: 3  file: data\john_biscuit.dat
id: 215  type: 3  file: data\dennis_chase.dat
id: 216  type: 3  file: data\jack_ball.dat
id: 219  type: 3  file: data\jan_chaseh.dat
id: 220  type: 3  file: data\jan_chase.dat
id: 221  type: 3  file: data\firzen_chasef.dat
id: 222  type: 3  file: data\firzen_chasei.dat
id: 223  type: 3  file: data\firzen_ball.dat
id: 224  type: 3  file: data\bat_ball.dat
id: 225  type: 3  file: data\bat_chase.dat
id: 226  type: 3  file: data\justin_ball.dat
id: 228  type: 3  file: data\julian_ball.dat
id: 229  type: 3  file: data\julian_ball2.dat
id: 402  type: 3  file: data\rudolfTS_ball.dat   #rudolf TS slash
id: 403  type: 3  file: data\rudolfTS_ball2.dat  #flash + words
id: 404  type: 3  file: data\rudolfTS_decoy.dat  #rudolf TS image
id: 601  type: 3  file: data\rudolfex_ball.dat    #rudolfex AC slash
id: 602  type: 3  file: data\rudolfex_decoy.dat   #rudolfex image
id: 701  type: 3  file: data\luke_ball.dat

id: 998  type: 5  file: data\etc.dat
id: 999  type: 5  file: data\broken_weapon.dat


id: 4    file: bg\sys\hkc\bg.dat
id: 2    file: bg\sys\lf\bg.dat
id: 3    file: bg\sys\sp\bg.dat
id: 5    file: bg\sys\gw\bg.dat
id: 6    file: bg\sys\qi\bg.dat
id: 7    file: bg\sys\ft\bg.dat
id: 8    file: bg\sys\bc\bg.dat
id: 1    file: bg\sys\cuhk\bg.dat
id: 0    file: bg\sys\thv\bg.dat
id: 10    file: bg\template\1\bg.dat
id: 11    file: bg\template\2\bg.dat
id: 12    file: bg\template\3\bg.dat

id: 100~199 drop weapon
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(08-16-2009, 05:49 PM)sourgumwrapper Wrote:  do u think getting 1.9 would fix it?


(08-16-2009, 05:49 PM)sourgumwrapper Wrote:  <object>
id: 0 type: 0 file: data\template.dat
id: 52 type: 0 file: data\julian.dat
id: 51 type: 0 file: data\firzen.dat
id: 50 type: 0 file: data\louisEX.dat
id: 38 type: 0 file: data\bat.dat
id: 39 type: 0 file: data\justin.dat

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sorry about that, so what do u think its wrong?
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The ID's (if you copied them from the readme etc) seem to be right, i can only guess, that the mod is crappy and not-working.

Couldn't find the mod on LFE, so you should may give us the download link, otherwise noone will be able to help you ^^
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^its not a mod, he put all the chars in together himself^
looking at that, i dont actually know what the problem is...sorry
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(08-17-2009, 05:47 AM)Alectric Wrote:  ^its not a mod, he put all the chars in together himself^
looking at that, i dont actually know what the problem is...sorry

Lol, in that case the problem may just is, that he changed the original IDs of the chars...
As far as i have seen, there is only one "Luke" Modification... and that one uses id's that are below 300, not 700+

Would also explain the not-working lightsaberthrow and forcepush, since both moves are done with the ball-file (which won't be found due to the id's of cause).
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