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How Groundfire works: press F7 to keep it up!-+Groundfire in stage mode
oh yeah of course azriel made the simplest thing on earth longer and more complex than what MH made up

but i was right after all that it was him :p
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just to clean up stuff, and probably gonna give some people a few ideas, you can have multiple hit frames, but not so efficient =S. in this example, i've made davis' ball have hit_a: 1 and hit_d: 70, 72 and 74 (each having a next to an opoint of a different ball) (john,firen,deep_ball.dat).


the timer thing is only activated when hit_a: is 1 or more. (wish 0 would work but nope too bad, coz if 0 works, and u have hit_d: something, then it's definitely set on each frame u need X hp to be taken off to activate the hit_d: thingy).

btw, in state: 3000 the rebound overrides the timer, so if the hp lost is >=500 on the timer frame because something hits it, the rebound will work instead of hit_d:.
hit_a: -XX doesn't work to recharge the hp of the object, so if u want to do that u have to use a state: 18 or a state: 10 thing.

(in the vid deep's A has injury 500 if u're wondering).

p/s: This is what i used for my set of statues, and the varying number of hits to wake the guys up is coz even though hit_a: is fixed, the injury from the character u use differs.

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