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[Char] Rocky
version .03

[Image: Rocky-2.jpg]


[Image: rocky_f-3.jpg]

NOTES: 0.03 december 6 2010

Added sound effects. Fixed some bugs. Added the weapon points for most of his attacks. Adjusted some of the attacks. The Giga fury now knocks people over even armored people. And some other stuff I changed that I can't remember.

Column do not break to some attacks. they stop some attacks in the air it weird.

Shield only hit one person, I'm ok if this stays the same its not a big deal.

Hammer doesn't break, I'm also ok if it just disappears.

Also if anyone want to finish the DC you are more then welcome. I kinda don't feel like doing the DC anymore. If you do fix the problems let me know and I'll put it in the final release version and give you credits for the help.

Original Post

Update 2
[Image: 3rdslim.jpg]
[Image: DAslim.jpg]
[Image: Rocky.jpg]
[Image: Clidebanner.jpg]

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one thing to say: WOW!
you are a beginner, but already do such great sprites!
there's nothing i could complain about!

to the char himself: actually i think his fighting style should be more adapted from rocky the film. he looks like a great martial arts fighter to me.
but thats up to you :)

@alec: >:D
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wow dude, they are impressive sprites!
they are nice and consistent, a good quality in spriting :D
the face picture is really well drawn :D

you've got talent man!
i hope you can find a DC'er or learn DC, because this char is very awesome, and has a hopeful future!

btw, if you dont mind me asking, how long did it take to sprite those sprite sheets?

EDIT: bamboori you damn ninja!

EDIT2: I just looked at your site man! i wish i could draw like that. you have some really awesome drawings there!
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pretty :p; somehow he emits a bit of dennis in him
small thing, his arms are a bit thin in a number of the sprites (maybe i'm not seeing it right with the dark bg, but lazy to open a gfx program)

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the face pic looks rather strange
would you consider making it less thin and moving facial structures a bit further apart?
the mouth is a bit too crooked for my liking too
and why would you let him have such lousy punches for both jump and dash attacks?

looking forward to see him animated

seen this?
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OMG, the first thing i did was pass
dude YOU CAN SPRITE!!! no doubt about it...
i can't rly say more since i am not a dc person....
i would rly like to see you finnish up the template parts...
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@bamboori- I dont know if i wanna make him a boxer :) but some one should make a boxer that'll be funny and thanks for the comments.

@alectric- thanks, these two sheets probably took me a few weeks, maybe 2 and a half for these. I'll say the first sprite took me the longest just because that sets out the ground work for the rest of the sprites. Thanks for taking a look.

@Azriel- I guess he does look like Dennis, I didn't really realize it. The white shoes, simple pants, and cowl are similar. Yeah his arms are quite thin in some frames I'll just give them another pass.

@yinyin- actually I agree with you on all three. I felt the same way about the face picture and the air attacks. I'll probably go back and fix all that. Nope havnt seen that, is that like a rock person contest? guess I'm a bit late. Some of that looks cool though. thanks for the crit

@lutichris- Thanks a bunch, I'm actually working on those right now.

I guess I'll just post what ever When I get some more stuff. Thanks a bunch
[Image: 3rdslim.jpg]
[Image: DAslim.jpg]
[Image: Rocky.jpg]
[Image: Clidebanner.jpg]

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hey really nice sprites... and the facepic is really well done to. lokking forward playing with your char. oh and the best thing you done is 1st make the whole sheets... then show them. i liked that. i usually make some sprites tyhen start showing them then eventually lose interest.

thumbs up mate.
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@prince_freeza- thanks man, I wanted to show a big the general look of his moves.

Any ways heres an update of the face pic. I thinks its cleaner and more in line with the originals of the game. I made it wider so he's not so thin looking and fixed the crookedness of the entire face.

[Image: Rocky_f.jpg]
[Image: Rocky_f-1.jpg]

And I finished the run attack animations. I'll probably go back and add some speed lines to help with the motion. A cool feature of the attack is that it can last forever if you keep tapping attack. So its like a mini strafe.

[Image: Runattack.jpg]

The attack looks kinda silly like this but its a lot better in game and in motion.
[Image: 3rdslim.jpg]
[Image: DAslim.jpg]
[Image: Rocky.jpg]
[Image: Clidebanner.jpg]

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I hope not :D

Anyway, the sprites are professional, nothing to complain about them. :)
Also nice to see someone with the Earth element, not a lot of this kind of chars around here.
If you need help with DCing, feel free to ask, just read some articles first so people don't get annoyed too much :P

Nice to see a promising member here. Enjoy your stay :D
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