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LFE Forums Novelties
Wow, some many things had changed its unbelievable, CONGRATZ to all new mods.
Hope you change LF-Empire Forum into a better place.
Man this is so unreal.
I am back, not really.
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Koalas man!
I knew you'd never fail us with the horrible (ok, it wasn't bad, but it was nowhere as good as this one) black theme.
Hiding users' signatures and avatars was the best decision ever.
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Great Choice.

gratz to all the new moderators
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active again.
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I LOVE the new theme, it is trully a work of art!!
And thanks for asking us guys to be mods, we wont let you down!
those of you spamming in sprite section, think again :D
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Ok, it's been a while now and it has come to my attention that Alectric, the local sprite mod, hasn't done anything useful as a moderator this far. I hereby request to displace Alectric from his position as local moderator of the sprites section! Who is with me?!

Congratulations, new staff... but people, please don't give them positive reps just because they were promoted... THAT is abuse of the rep system
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Rofl ramond. I've actually been asleep, coz of timezones.
gimme a chance, its only been like 1 hour for me :P

omg, its started already...
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lol i'd like to take his place....highly doubt it cuz of 3 possible reasons
even though i am very serious in any artwork media...
-not enough internet time
-no admin trusts me
-and well Alectric seems to be a good choise to run the sprite forum....good luck Alec ;)

(edit) OMGodtarts what have u done with this theme????!
I LOVE IT, i thought the black was not all tht great but the vs2 is so epic.....
hope u didn't outwork ur self over doing this :)
(edit 2)
you know what would be cool
a dissagree button, hint hint* blowfly :)
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*Cries* Why nobody's rating me! (the rep system XD)
btw I still keep my disagreement about the rep system, but if you want it THAT way, fine, I'll get used to it.
And I LOVE the gray theme, though it's too neutral-ish I just like it.
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i just wanna say:
-very very nice theme looks good. and totally fits the website.
-"rep system is back" thank god finally!!! thank you admins.
-congratulations to the new admins. good luck in helping the forum. don't let us down. and i couldn't find anyone better to moderate the sprites forum that alectric so good choice bp.

so to assemble all this i think LFE has gotten into a whole new level!
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Sorry Kay. I failed to take your 'hint'. I'm only a Moderator. Not an Admin. Can't do stuff like that. Only BP. And MH. Can.

Hey, can we keep the text alignment the same?
Like use left alignment for the 'Welcome back' and 'User CP' box and centre alignment for the 'You got a new PM' box?
Hiding users' signatures and avatars was the best decision ever.
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