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Contest #9: Writing challenge
^because he wrote it that way? idk its up to you if you include "spelling and grammar" into your judgement of the stories. Its a public vote like alway. So yea hacker you should fix this (just to be on the safe side).
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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I'm back again :D
@Spark: Are you going to join with your story? It's somehow sad, but I believe you would get quite some votes with it.
@Divisor: Sorry for giving two choices, but why don't you just flip a coin? Or write two stories and decided for the better one. (I would really go for the second option btw. As mentioned before, you got a lot of time.)
@Hacker: I really like the general idea, which fits pretty good to the beginning. The style is also very nice( I especially like how Robert talkes. "Well played..." etc.). You might want to go a bit more into detail about what happened before, but you don't have to. Other than that... Well, you know, atmosphere and descriptions are the things I'm always eager to see :D
@Phil: You have to make BP join as well.
@The world in general: I've written the beginnings, but still I don't have any idea what to write. Or actually quite a lot, but all of them rather vague and indistinct. Good that we got some time.
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Matt, the dark mage (Click to View)
Well, I know, I'm weak, specially in at grammar.
And I'm not sure that's 200 words.
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This is very likely to change, but anyway. See it as a reminder. What's annoying me is the fact that writing all the side stuff I had in mind would prevent most of you from reading it. Now it's 749 words + beginning 1. I might add some other stuff after the contest, though. Hope you enjoy reading.
I gotta write some less serious stuff
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^ thx for reminding me, i gotta write mine too haha
oh and crap, i have to be extremely awesome to beat your story =3
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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Dare to read it.
This will not win (Click to View)
So that's all probably will get a 4th place, but at least I wrote something.
I am back, not really.
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oh man, i forgot about this!
hopefully, i can get some time for it.

so yea, ill BEquack - Simoneon
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24th of April today, just two days left. Where are your entries? A few more would really be nice. Or is there anyone who would write something if we extended the deadline a few days?
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I'll try to get something up. Don't rely on it, though. Might be that I trash my entry one hour before the contest closes because my internal filter tells me that it's suboptimal :P
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I would Reaper.

... to put it simply, writing won't work for me tonight/lately, primarily
related to real life blowing up in my face.

I'm partway through writing it, I just need to finish up, so a few more days
would be lovely.

edit: you lot have my apologies as well, this is twice now that I haven't
finished a contest's submission by the deadline. :(
Trust you're all well.
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