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Sinow Rappy
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Contest #11: Datachanging challenge - VOTING
The topic of this contest was to "Create something new and exciting", purely via DCing-means. 10 people accepted the challenge and are listed below:

A modified version of Henry. When he is close to an opponent, he punches; when he is further away, he shoots arrows -- as usually.
Download: Click here

no one
Davis's energy ball reinforced. The ball can bounce off walls and, when the rebounded ball hits the caster, he received a power-up.
Download: Click here

Level-ups. Each time the two provided characters pass a substage (Stage 1-1, 1-2, ...), they have the opportunity to level up.
Download: Click here

Stamina bar. If the character engages in fatiguing actions such as punching, running, or performing special attacks, his stamina will decrease. Certain moves will thus not be possible with low stamina. Upon standing or walking, the stamina bar recharges.
Download: [not available right now]

Davis's DvA-attack got modified. Davis continues punching until reaching a wall.
Download: Click here

Sinow Rappy
Jan has acquired the ability to lock the opponent in a small purple orb that she can carry around and release him later.
Download: Click here

This weapon creates fireballs when being thrown that chase team-independently the closest character. The weapon is also able to be chased by the fireballs.
Download: Click here

When pressing DA, this Template-modification unleashes a time-stop, freezing the enemy.
Download: Click here

A fusion move for Bat. Instead of becoming a stronger character, the result is a swarm of bats.
Download: Click here

A monk-revamp. Featuring an attack that depends on the distance to the opponent, a catching that will grab this opponent, and drain health points equal to the doubled amount of mana points of monk.
Download: Click here

Vote for what is, in your eyes, the most innovative piece of DCing.

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Voted for Simon, Azriel, and Sinow.

With these awesome entries, I'll be damn if some one even consider giving me a vote.
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Vote 4 Simoneon & Sinow Rappy :D
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These undead sure make some awesome stuff.
Voted for Sinow and MH. Because.
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No one, Simoneon & Azriel
for innovative DC ideas neatly done ^^

though, Sir Somins Stamina bar WILL win either way
*checks the (now loaded) poll result*
told ya
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It was hard to decide... But I've chosen Sinow. Very interesting technique.
I say it straightly-I'd vote for every participant if I could, because EVERY work was awesome in its own way.
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as i am not that known for my dc knowledge i have a different system of rating this creations.
Bamboori: i guess the idea is nicely implemented, but the idea of henry auto-punching is invoking a strange feeling in me. Voted[ ]
no one: The idea is nice and it looks also very well dced (by the looks of it). Voted[x]
LeoGautama: cool idea actually. But from the looks of it, you have some flaws. Spritewise and I guess also dc wise. Voted[ ]
Simoneon: Already have seen that. I was impressed but I am not quite fond of the idea that punching takes stamina. How should you regain it, when enemies attack? you can't run away and can't punch. So ya can't vote for you. Voted[ ]
Marshall: Even tough it looks overpowered, it still gives me an unkown feeling of awesomeness (and yes i read your tutorial about it. Nice!) Voted[x]
Sinow Rappy: The idea is awesome and quite original. Never have seen something like this before, and judging from your post there has to be some tricky dc behind that. Voted[x]
Azriel: That's a pretty nice weapon imo. Sprites could have been a bit better, but thats not the point I guess. Voted[x]
Woodysmasher: First I read time stop and thought "WAESOME". But then I looked at the gif, its nicely done but far from awesome. You still have some flaws (e.g char is shaking) I am not sure if it possible to change that but everyone has done something awesome without flaws => I can't vote for you. Voted[ ]
Lauli: Plus point for using bat, and plus point for the bat swarm idea => Voted[x]
MH-Razen: The sprites of monk's draining move are awesome. Though I never expected monk to do something like this, I love the idea => Voted[x].

so in total i voted for: no one, marshall, sinow, az, lauli and mh
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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I liked Sinow's work best and Azriel's second (my votes to both of them).

I think Sinow's submission is very new and very interesting at the same time - being able to absorb an enemy into a weapon and release the enemy from the weapon by will is something I haven't seen before and I believe it would be very fun to use such a system for stage mode.

I like the concept of Azriel's submission - fireballs able to chase the weapon and anyone wielding the weapon. Given some refinement or tweaks, it can be a very exciting feature for LF2 as a mini-game or challenge or as part of stage. It's pretty new too.

The rest I did not vote for mainly due to, in my personal opinion, a lack in the factor of either being new/innovative or being exciting. For example, I actually like Simon's submission of the stamina bar, but I did not vote for it, mainly because while the system of stamina is new to LF2, it isn't exactly a new idea in my eyes (HF's stamina bar), and so is the concept of having a tertiary stat other than health and mana.
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marshall - the only entry where i loearned something from
sinow - nice idea, i don`t like moves on mod-basis, but who cares...
azriel - team-independant is nice :)
razen - sry but I didnt see another move like this elsewhere :p

further comments:
simon: nice idea, but dc isnt to hard and what happens to the bar if you jump - follow on y-axis? :(
lauli: also a nice idea, but fusion is no new dc and to change the effect isnt hard either
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voted for marshall and sinow, reasons are obvious

and mh, are ya kiddin' me? that's your entry?... I... srsly... I'm dissapointed by that...
a mp-based, distance reacting, hp draining move? that's like... so lame and used before so often already
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