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Rate Avatar/ Signature Game
it's really simple and pretty fun game from the official forum the rules are:

self explanitory... the rules are simple.
1. there needs to be a person posted before you
2. you need to rate their avatar, and siggy aka: signature

So.... next poster's turn to rate my avi & siggy.....
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9/10 Avatar
7/10 Signature
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Avatar styled by: prince_freeza
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ava: looks nice 7/10
sig: pretty simple just a screen shot 5/10
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Avatar: 7/10 - Fine I guess.
Signature: 5/10 - We're sorta trying to outrule animated signatures as they can be quite large in filesize and might take a while to load for people and get irritating, but uh, so far I haven't heard any complaints. I still suggest removing it, however that's up to you for now.
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Avi: 7/10 - facepic of a new char!?
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I don't think so.

Ava: 6/10 The previous one was better, but the JPEG quality totally screwed it.
Signature: 8/10 Cool pic.
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oooooohhhhhh, yes, the iJulian...
The joke is getting old (unfortunately): 8/10
Booyah, I'll give your siggy a 99.99999% (I decided not to give a 100% for anyone this week. Or month. Or year. I dunno.)
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Blue Phoenix OMG
Avatar: 10/10 Rating.
Signature: 8.5/10 Rating.

the avatar is flawless, + is custom, it deserves a 10.
on your sig, how did you make the glassy snow-like effect on it? it looks cool!

Hehe, thank you so much for the ratings :D
If I feel like it, I'll post a tutorial on how to create such effects :)
btw, check out some pics I've created: clicky
oh, and I like your pics, too^^
~Blue Phoenix

Edit by MH: Corrected link...
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[Image: yurisig2.jpg]
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ava: 6/10 I think I just don't like the animation and that
sig: 9/10 I really like those two.

New avatar. :)
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Ava: 8/10 Luckily have you removed the iJulian one. New one´s great.

Siggy: 10/10 AWESOME!!
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