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The LF2 Stream
What? Oh..
Hey, by the way, my download speed is 0.68 MB/s here XD in Germany.. and my upload speed? 4.85 MB/s
I can stream with higher quality :P (but when I watch, it takes quite long time to buffer .____. upload > download is the earth spun around)
Can I have the code to stream again ? :P Might be streaming tournament matches or some random stage/stuffs.
@BP: personal account? You mean my twitch? If yes then no. I need the code for streaming for LFEStream :P (I'm using FFSplit)

Silverthorn edited this post 03-24-2013 02:34 PM because:
As far as I can remember, it already streams from your personal account. At least it should. Might want to test that someday.... :p
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