Poll: What should be the main characters?
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Human [let it be like an RPG game]
11 35.48%
Monsters [let it be an unique LF2 modification]
20 64.52%
Total 31 vote(s) 100%
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Mod: EMF LF2
Yep, flying type, pretty much the same thing, lol. :p

Man, even though the sprites aren't too great of quality, it looks like it'll be very fun playin' as complETEly new and original characters! Can't wait til' you come out with a beta version or somethin'.

My favorite monster by far is Palmoss. I like his shaking leaves attack, and awesome job comin' up with that force field move! Shock
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Thanks given by: shin hanazumi
id love it if the stage mode would be about conquering the human world xD
and battle mode against other races or something =P u could make a whole bunch of things with this new kind of LF2 ^^
Thanks given by:
>Bad move report:
>Mushoul's Poison Spore
>Too much damage(try to reduce its smoke damage each smoke)
>Palmos's Leaf rain
>I think thats useless(try to make his enemy stun if hit the Leaf rain)
>Good move report:
>Blitzer's Electric Charge
>Have balanced damage
>Zippander's Escape
>Change the frame to use from defend to hit defend(when Zippander attacked when it defending)
>Twistrike's Twister
>Change to (He become a large tornado spinning around itself) or:
>Twister's Defend Frame
>Change to basic defend/hurting frame
>Twister's Run
>I suggest his running frame is hurting like louis EX
Shin Hanazumi
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